Chelsea was exploring a last-minute transfer for the £240,000-a-week guy, but he has already joined Barcelona – Romano Fabrizio

Joao Felix, a Portugal international, is now joining Barcelona, although Chelsea was thinking of making a last-minute move to get him.

That’s what Fabrizio Romano says.

What specifics are known about Chelsea and Joao Felix? Let’s examine this.

Joao Felix tiết lộ bến đỗ mới khiến ai cũng bất ngờ

What is the tale?
According to 90min, Chelsea is considering making a late play for the 23-year-old.

Aquí vamos de nuevo, la decisión final del acuerdo entre Barça y Joao Félix  | El Futbolero España La Liga

Due to a severe knee injury, Mauricio Pochettino was forced to play without a comparable forward until December. It is rumoured that several high-ranking Chelsea board members believed Felix was the ideal replacement.

The forward, who was born in Viseu, remarked to 90min that he had loved his stay in London and that, had the chance, he would have been willing to return to Stamford Bridge.

But now Felix is relocating to Barcelona.

Le Barça et l'Atletico préparent un échange XXL, João Félix inclut

On Twitter, the dependable Romano disclosed that the Portuguese striker’s aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Barcelona soon. Following his arrival, he is expected to have a medical examination and negotiate personal terms with the Spanish powerhouses.

Although Joao Felix would have made a good addition to Chelsea, his departure to Barcelona is not a disaster
We believe that Felix would have excelled under Mauricio Pochettino because he performed admirably in significantly harsher configurations with Graham Potter and Frank Lampard.

Still, it’s not the end of the world if Barcelona wins.

Felix receives a salary of £241,165 per week, which is extremely high for someone who will primarily be used as backup for Nkunku until December.

There’s less need for a fresh attacker at Stamford Bridge now that Cole Palmer has joined Chelsea.

Make sure to monitor Chelsea’s progress today; it appears that departures are more likely than any new arrivals.

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