FC Barcelona prodigy, 20, asks to leave the team, according to a report

20-year-old FC Barcelona prodigy requests to leave the club – report

One of the most extraordinary players to come out of FC Barcelona’s academy in recent years, who had the power to save the team even when it seemed to be lacking in identity due to his own natural talent and capacity to astonish, may be leaving the club.

The player in question is Ansu Fati, a 20-year-old wonder from La Masia who made his debut for the Barcelona first squad and once shocked the football world.

Fans all around the world started to believe in a new Barca revolution as a result of his goals and fast feet, to name just a few factors.

However, the situation has not quite gone as well as people had planned. His development was halted by frequent setbacks, and his confidence was severely harmed.

According to the most recent information about his future, he has reportedly wanted to leave the club.

Ansu Fati's Messi-esque strike was the latest indicator of his Barcelona  renaissance

Ansu Fati has reportedly urged the team to allow him depart, even on loan, in the past few hours, according to Spanish writer Gerard Romero.

The English Premier League makes up the majority of the possibilities that are currently available to him.

Barcelona îl vinde pe Ansu Fati. Suma pentru care renunță la "noul Messi" -  Eurosport

In these last hours of the summer transfer window, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and most lately, Liverpool, are among the teams most interested in taking the Barcelona prodigy on loan.

Ansu Fati reveals his ultimate dream for 2021

Sevilla, a fellow La Liga team, is also apparently quite interested in the Spaniard, and it is said that the player’s father is particularly excited about the possibility of joining the Andalusian team.

In order to keep his kid interested in Spanish football before his inevitable return to Barca, he would prefer that his son go on loan to Sevilla.

Both Ansu Fati and Moroccan winger Ez Abde’s cases are still pending. Barcelona will select which of the two, or maybe even both, will leave the club this summer, as well as whatever location offers the finest overall package.

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