In his first game with Real Madrid, Ancelotti declares Bellingham to be a position that no longer exists in modern football.

Jude Bellingham and Real Madrid are approaching what will be their first friendly of a special pre-season in every way. A debut against AC Milan to sign the first match of the four friendlies agreed during the Soccer Champions Tour.

And it is that the Rose Bowl Stadium will witness the new game idea of ​​Carlo Ancelotti , a system that will recover the extinct position of ’10’ to exploit the full potential of the English midfielder in a game that has already generated his first mission dressed in white.

The new ‘5’ of Real Madrid, who accepted a number that is Real Madrid history with a lot of personality after accompanying Zidane , has a difficult challenge ahead of him because being a midfielder at Real Madrid in times when running is a risky profession.

Ancelotti, who will be testing during the tour, is the only one who knows what his position will be in the field between the two options he is contemplating: midfielder or inside.

Thus, Jude will have to face a threat that has almost completely disappeared in modern football.

The disappearance of the ’10’

The English midfielder exemplifies the evolution that the midfielder has undergone in recent years.

Coaches require their players to cover much more ground , so those with more height, strength and legs will be able to fill that special role . And there Jude stands out above the rest.

“It is very difficult to find players of this type because normally one has a very defensive profile and another has a very offensive profile.

He is a bit of an all-rounder in that sense, because when he arrives, he comes to you with a lot of quality, a lot of vision of the game, with a lot of association capacity, shooting capacity, he has a header capacity, he has one against one, he has the vision to see unchecks on his back, he has the vision to do them…

and then at the defensive level, he is a footballer who knows how to defend a brand, who knows how to let the rival do not turn to you, defend you above and know how AM .

An almost extinct playmaker figure in modern football… after being in the past a key position in the game of all teams . The ball had to go through that figure to try to coordinate all attack situations as well as possible.

The baton was always carried by ’10’ (Maradona, Baggio, Totti, Cruyff or Riquelme) and he was always a differential footballer who carried a legacy that made millions of children fall in love. Now, Jude will have to recover a position that has been dying little by little in the world of football … and his first litmus test will be his debut in white.

Source: Marca

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