Discover the 7 Most Successful Child Actors in Nollywood, Nigeria

Let’ѕ dіve іnto the reаlm of Nollywood’ѕ emergіng tаlent, рarticularly theѕe 7 exсeptionally trіumphant kіd аctors іn Nіgerіa.
In the realm of Nollywood movies and TV shows, the spotlight typically shines upon the adult actors, sometimes causing us to overlook the significant contributions of the child actors within the production.

Our attention naturally gravitates towards the well-known stars of the show, such as the likes of Mercy Johnson and Funke Akindele, causing the names of the young performers to often remain unfamiliar to us.

However, today’s focus is on those very youngsters, as there exists a notable cohort among them who have achieved remarkable success. Their achievements deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated, and it’s high time their names gain recognition.

1. Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo, a budding talent in the Nollywood scene, was reportedly born on September 2, 2008. Her journey in the world of entertainment commenced at the tender age of five, where she embarked on her acting career. Beyond her acting prowess, she also ventured into the realm of child modeling. Displaying her multifaceted talents, she participated in the Anambra Beautiful Kids competition, where she secured the position of the first runner-up. Furthermore, her endeavors led her to the Little Miss Damsel Nigeria pageant in 2019.

Her acting trajectory has allowed her to share the screen with Nollywood luminaries such as Mercy Johnson and Patience Ozokwor, solidifying her presence in the industry. Additionally, her digital presence on Instagram boasts an impressive following of over 900,000 followers, underscoring her growing popularity. With her accomplishments and potential, it’s clear that Adaeze Onuigbo is poised for a promising future, likely to ascend as a significant star in the industry..LeNhung

2. Angel Unigwe

Hailing from Imo State, the young and promising Nollywood actress, Angel Onyi Unigwe, came into the world on June 27, 2009.

Her artistic lineage runs deep, as her elder sister Princess Chizzi is also an actress and TV personality, while her brother Buchi is also involved in acting. Angel’s artistic journey commenced in 2015 when she secured a role in the TV series “Alison’s Stand.” Since that initial step, she has graced the screen in a variety of films, including “A Mother’s Love,” “Tender Lies,” and “Three Thieves,” often sharing the spotlight with industry veterans such as Ken Erics, Oge Okoye, and Jim Iyke.

4. Mercy Kenneth

In the spotlight is the exceptionally talented Mercy Kenneth, a swiftly rising figure in the world of acting, modeling, dance, and content creation. She sometimes playfully identifies herself as Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter or the “Smart Kid.” Throughout her burgeoning career, Mercy Kenneth has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed figures in Nollywood, including Ngozi Ezeonu, Ebele Okaro, Zubby Michael, and others.

Known for her evocative performances and particularly emotive crying scenes, she often finds herself in roles where she faces adversity. Her dedicated following on Instagram, which exceeds 300,000 followers, underscores her budding popularity. As Mercy Kenneth continues to evolve in her career, it’s evident that her journey is merely at its inception, promising great achievements ahead.

5. Sharon Ifedi

Another well-known Nollywood child actress is Sharon Ifedi who was born in Delta State. Sharon is a fast-rising actress, model, dancer, and television personality. She has starred in a number of productions like Tears of a Slave Child, Tears of the Weeping Prince, Celebrity Queen, Sarafina The Rejected Orphan, and more. On Instagram alone, the child star boasts almost 600,000 followers. Sharon is moving on the right course to becoming one of Nollywood’s top actresses very soon.

6. Ada Kirikiri

Uchechi Okonkwo popularly known in the industry as Ada Kirikiri is a child actress who features mostly alongside Chief Imo and Sister Maggi. She has starred in a number of Nollywood productions including Chief and Lolo Imo, No Leave No Transfer, The Couple, and more. She also is a gospel singer and dancer who has released songs including Okeosisi, and others. Ada is a successful actress who just may be one of the biggest stars of tomorrow.

7. Isaac Fred

Nollywood actor Isaac Fred is the last child actor on our list today. The actor who was reportedly born on the 13th of December, 2012 is one of the more popular child actors today. He has starred in a number of productions including Crying Angel and Best of Enemies and has also starred alongside Nollywood greats like Clems Ohameze and Mercy Johnson.

It is so good a new crop of Nollywood actors blossoming in the industry. These child actors today just may turn out to be the blockbuster adult actors of tomorrow.

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