11 Things You Only Understand If Your Grandma Has Always Been Your Best Friend on Earth

The bond you have with your grandma is indeed a special one, and anyone who’s been lucky enough to have a granny in their lives knows how unique that relationship is. She keeps you warm, gives the best advice, and never ever allows you to leave her house hungry.

We at Bright Side believe that having a grandma in your life is a true blessing, and anyone who’s been fortunate enough to have that amazing bond will surely relate to these 11 things.

1. Your granny is your best teacher.

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It’s true. Even though you may have trouble getting along with your parents when it comes to studying and other aspects of life, things just seem to go much easier with your grandma around. It always seems that she just gets you…very easily. With your grandma, you always feel like even her lectures are fun, and you just love listening to what she has to say.

2. She always gives the best advice.

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Grandma always speaks wisely and she seems to know a lot about everything. She knows the solution to every problem you might encounter, and she has the best advice for every situation. When you don’t know who to turn to about something, just ask Grandma, she’ll know what to do.

3. She always makes sure you’re well-fed.

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When grandma cooks, make sure to bring your appetite and a big one, at that. Grandma’s meals are no joke, and she only lets you go out of the house if you’re 100% stuffed and your pants are about to pop. Her meals are to die for and she always has a yummy snack hidden somewhere for your sweet tooth.

4. She’s an amazing listener.

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Grandma knows best, but grandma also listens best. She’s your best friend growing up, and she loves listening to all your desires, problems, and secrets. And you know you don’t have to worry about her ratting you out to your parents because that’s never going to happen. Whatever you want to tell her, you can count on Grandma to be there for you.

5. She never undermines your knowledge.

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Grandma gives you the best guidance in the world, she never puts you down, and she always respects your knowledge. Grandma knows that even if you are just a kid and she has a lifetime of experience and probably knows more than you, there’s still a lot that you can teach her too. She will always have trouble figuring out “the Internet,” and she will never be too proud to ask you for help.

6. Grandma’s house is always warm and cozy.

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You always have your spot in Grandma’s house that is perfect and comfy. You don’t know how, but her house is always warm, smells good, and is just cozy enough to be in. Grandma will never let you feel chilly and during the winter, the fireplace is always roaring.

7. She plays and watches cartoons with you with just as much joy.

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Grandma videotapes all your favorite cartoons and she watches every cartoon with you as you snuggle together under a warm blanket. She’s happy to see you happy, and she knows how important it is to keep you company so that you have fun.

8. She’s never too tired to make your favorite dish.

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Grandma loves spoiling you and she’ll never be too tired to prepare your favorite dish when you ask her. Just say the word and super-granny will make it in a jiffy!

9. Grandma gives the best hugs!

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Granny gives the best, most affectionate hugs and kisses. You just know that hugging Grandma means exchanging a whole lot of love, and even if you want to, you can’t get out of getting in at least a dozen big hugs before you leave her house.

10. She guides you to become the best person you can be.

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Grandma may be all fun and loving, but underneath all those fun times hides a goal that she won’t ever tell you about. She does all that she can to use her lifelong experience and shape you into the best person you can be. And for that, Grandma deserves a special part in your heart.

11. No love is ever warmer than Grandma’s.

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Grandma’s love is as pure is it can be. On top of it all, she’ll always make sure you feel her love. With the food that she cooks, the lessons that she teaches you, the stories she tells you, and the advice that she gives you; in every possible way she can, Grandma will make you feel loved and protected at all times.

Were you lucky enough to have a grandma in your life? If yes, what’s your favorite memory with your granny? Tell us all about it in the comment section.

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