Dublin Zoo’s newest inhabitant the aye-aye has us saying no-no

The largest nocturnal primate which makes it a relative to humans…

Dublin Zoo has just opened their newest habitat, the Nocturnal House, as well as welcoming a new species to Ireland; the aye aye. What is an aye-aye you ask?

The aye-aye is a species of lemur, the largest nocturnal primate that is related to monkeys, apes, and humans. Yes, these little fellas are indeed related to us in a way.

Dublin Zoo's newest inhabitant the aye-aye has us saying no-no

When you think lemur, you tend to imagine King Julien from the animated movie Madagascar, in all his charm and flamboyance.

Needless to say, this species of lemur is a little more… eccentric.

Loài khỉ sinh ra có hình hài giống “yêu tinh” trong phim Harry Potter

It’s giving “Foxing sitting on chair” vibes.

Unfortunately aye-ayes are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List; they are considered bad omens by some Madagascans which means they are often killed on sight despite laws that make this practice illegal.

Dublin Zoo has welcomed a male, Peanut and a female, Tahiri, as well as their offspring.

To celebrate the arrival of the aye-ayes, Dublin Zoo is hosting an educational day on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July, between 12pm and 4pm that will include special keeper talks, crafts, games and face painting.

Much as we jest about their eccentric appearance, we’re happy to have the aye-ayes among us in a safe environment.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts after all.

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