Grandma, 69, Shows Off Her Toned Abs in a Bikini, and Amazes Everyone With Her Flawless Figure

As the years go by, many people get less active, preferring to stay home and relax instead. But the case of one super-fit grandma, Julie Ford, goes against all expectations that come with her age. Despite approaching 70, Ford is in the best shape of her life, and she’s not afraid to show off her incredible body either.

Fitness has always been a huge part of Julie Ford’s life.

The 69-year-old woman from the UK has been active her entire life. She was a full-time PE teacher for decades, and currently teaches part-time to high school-aged children. Besides that, she has occasionally taught other exercises classes, like netball, running and cycling.

Neither age, nor health issues could stop her from staying in shape.

“I worked hard at being fit and healthy, so I could look good,” Julie Ford said in an interview. “I used to be known as the lady in the village who cycled everywhere with hardly any clothes on because I would only wear shorts and a crop top,” she jokingly added. Leading such an active life, it came as a shock to her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 60s.

“When they said it was stage two breast cancer, I couldn’t believe it because I felt so healthy,” Ford confessed. After going through treatment for her illness, Julie Ford made a full recovery and went back to her normal life. But this time she craved outdoor exercise more than ever. And this led to launching her own walking resistance bands.

The super-fit woman often shares clips of herself working out in a bikini.

Nowadays, Julie Ford often posts short videos of herself working out, often in exotic locations and only wearing a bikini. “My friends jokingly tell me they hate me and ask, ’Why do you look so good?’” But according to Ford, things are quite simple. In her opinion, feeling good and looking good are synonymous.

Ford loves showing off her body, because it’s proof that she feels good in it.

“I have spent my whole life showing off my body, not because I am vain but because I feel good,” the 69-year-old grandma explained. “They often say once you get to 50, you become invisible, but I make sure that I am not,” she added. And with such a charming attitude as hers, Ford will certainly not become ’invisible’ any time soon.

Nowadays, more and more women are realizing that many social norms about aging are outdated. Another example of this is Joan Richmond-Woodhouse, who also confidently shows off her fit body despite being 92 years old.

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