Grandma Sends a Thanksgiving Invitation to the Wrong Person and It Grows Into a New Family Tradition

When a grandma from Arizona accidentally invited an unknown teen to a Thanksgiving celebration by sending a text to the wrong number, little did she know that she was going to grow her family. Jamal, the teen, and Wanda, the granny, have already celebrated their third Thanksgiving in a row together and this article will tell you about how it all started.

We at Bright Side are in awe when we read stories that show people’s kindness and friendliness. That’s why we can’t help but share another one with you.

This nice tradition started in 2016 when Jamal Hinton got a message from Wanda Dench, inviting him and his girlfriend to join her for Thanksgiving. “Let me know if you are coming,” she wrote in the text.

Hinton suspected that she had the wrong number and asked Wanda to send him a photo as proof that it was his granny behind the text. The picture that came from Wanda depicted a blonde woman with glasses on and she was definitely not Jamal’s grandma. However, after informing her about the mishap, Jamal asked if he could still join her for the holiday.

Wanda didn’t mind at all, and the teen gladly visited her family. They have quickly become friends, kept in touch throughout the next year, and, as a result, have already celebrated 3 Thanksgivings in a row together.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2016.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2017.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2018.

Hinton has also introduced his girlfriend, Mikaela, to the Dench family.

Wanda says that family is more than blood — it’s the people you want to be with. And we totally agree with her.

Would you go to a stranger’s house if you got mistakenly invited? Or would you prefer to not get into it? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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