Harry Styles fans in ‘disbelief’ after spotting pop star’s new tattoo with apparent nod to his ex

Harry Styles fans are in a frenzy after the singer was spotted with a tattoo seemingly dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

The British musician, 29, was photographed during a boat trip in Bolsena, Italy, on 28 July. In photos obtained by Page Six, the word “Olivia” appeared to be written in cursive on Styles’ thigh. The word “colazione” – Italian for breakfast – also appeared to be tattooed on Styles’ leg, though it’s not clear if there is a connection between the two tattoos.

In the newly surfaced photos, the “As It Was” singer was joined by a group of friends on the boat, including Late Late Show host James Corden and his wife Julia Carey, and Victoria’s Secret model Jacquelyn Jablonski.

Harry Styles fans in 'disbelief' after spotting pop star's new tattoo | The  Independent

As photos of Styles’ supposed new ink circulated on social media, fans were quick to suggest that the tattoo was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend and Don’t Worry Darling co-star, Olivia Wilde.

“I am in disbelief at the Olivia tattoo,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Does that freaking tattoo say Olivia?!?!???” asked another fan.

“Waking up to an Olivia tattoo was not on my bingo card,” a third person said.

While some fans shared their shock at Styles’ new ink, others pointed out that the tattoo could be a tribute to the One Direction song, “Olivia”, from their 2015 album, Made In the AM. Styles co-wrote the track with songwriters Julian Bunetta and John Ryan.

Fellow fans also tried to reason that his “Olivia” tattoo was in honour of his sister Gemma Styles’ pet cat Olivia, who died in July 2022.

“Harry’s new tattoo ‘Olivia’ is for his cat,” wrote one fan, as another disagreed: “That Olivia tattoo is definitely NOT for the cat”.

Meanwhile, one fan simply wrote: “I’m sorry guys but trying to convince themselves the tattoo says anything but Olivia just sounds sad because it’s VERY clear”.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde began their relationship after meeting on the set of Don’t Worry Darling in September 2020, which Wilde directed. The two were first romantically linked in January 2021, months after Wilde announced her split from her now ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis. The former couple share son Otis, eight, and daughter Daisy, six.

In November 2022, it was reported that Styles and Wilde were “taking a break” from their relationship, according to People.

Throughout their nearly two-year relationship, both Styles and Wilde kept details about their romance private. However, significant drama surrounded their relationship – from rumours of an on-set feud between Wilde and Don’t Worry Darling lead actor Florence Pugh, Wilde’s custody drama with ex Jason Sudeikis, and a salad dressing debacle.

Fans Discover Harry Styles Has Tattoo of Ex Olivia Wilde's Name

The Booksmart director also faced criticism from Styles’ fans for their 10-year age gap, as others called out Wilde for the couple’s “director-actor dating dynamic”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published last year, Styles addressed some of the negative comments his then-girlfriend had received on the internet since the two began dating. The “Watermelon Sugar” singer described social media as “a s***storm of people trying to be awful to people,” and discussed the pressure his fame has placed on some of his close relationships.

“It’s obviously a difficult feeling to feel like being close to me means you’re at the ransom of a corner of Twitter or something,” he said. “I just wanted to sing. I didn’t want to get into it if I was going to hurt people like that.”

While Styles said that he’s set a boundary between his public and personal life, the former One Direction member admitted that sometimes “other people blur the lines for you”.

He also shared how dating can come with its challenges while in the spotlight, adding: “Can you imagine going on a second date with someone and being like: ‘Okay, there’s this corner of the thing, and they’re going to say this, and it’s going to be really crazy, and they’re going to be really mean, and it’s not real…But anyway, what do you want to eat?’”

Harry Styles Got A Tattoo For Ex Olivia Wilde - Capital

As for Wilde, she subtly addressed the criticism and public attention her relationship had received in a January 2022 cover story with Vogue. “It’s obviously really tempting to correct a false narrative,” Wilde said at the time. “But I think what you realise is that when you’re really happy, it doesn’t matter what strangers think about you. All that matters to you is what’s real, and what you love, and who you love.”

“In the past 10 years, as a society, we have placed so much more value on the opinion of strangers rather than the people closest to us,” she added. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. And I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, and it’s just wonderful to feel that.”

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