“You Don’t Need a Boyfriend to Be Happy,” According to This 93-Year-Old Grandma

Dating in the modern world can be tricky, so it might be a good idea to take advice from older and more experienced generations. TikTok’s favorite grandma, Lillian Droniak, is always keen on giving advice to her young fans. Whether it’s about being in a relationship or avoiding your exes, Grandma Droniak has got all the right answers.

Grandma Droniak became a TikTok star by sharing her very candid thoughts and opinions.

Self-described as a celebrity and a grandma, 93-year-old Lillian Droniak has gained the appreciation of over 10 million people on TikTok. Grandma Droniak first joined social media back in 2019, and her frankness and youthful personality quickly made her viral.

Her most popular videos include laying down the rules for her own funeral, such as “If you’re crying, stop being a baby. Find a tissue and move on.” Droniak also often does outfit checks and films “get ready with me” videos to the delight of her fans. Moreover, everyone’s favorite grandma is always ready to give dating advice and talk about her exes.

The 93-year-old is very open to dicussing her romantic life.

Lillian Droniak’s husband unfortunately passed away decades ago, and the TikTok star often talks about their life together in her videos. But Grandma Droniak is also keen on discussing her exes (including the people she dated before marrying her husband) and current love life. She does this in a very humorous way, which never fails to delight her virtual grandkids.

Gen Z’s favorite grandma also often gives advice that’s very relatable to young people.

Grandma Droniak loves to give advice too, especially when it comes to “slaying” (aka looking good regardless of age) and romance. According to Droniak, you should never go back to your ex, even if he’s calling you 70 years after breaking up. She also shared her red flags for guys, which include disliking cats as well as lying about his height.

According to Grandma Droniak, happiness doesn’t come from romance.

But despite all these jokes about love and dating, Grandma Droniak is happily single. In a recent video, captioned “Why do you think I’m living and slaying so long?” she reminded her followers that they don’t need a boyfriend to be happy. “All they do is caused problems. I’m happy by myself,” the famous grandma went on to explain, before reminding her fans that she loves them.

As Grandma Droniak proves, being young is a state of mind. And this is also true about another grandma, the 92-year-old Joan Richmond-Woodhouse, whose youthful style and looks went viral on TikTok as well.

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