7 reasons why Miley Cyrus suddenly became “hated”

Just because “Miley likes… then Miley does it” has caused her to receive “criticism” many times from public opinion.

Miley Cyrus – a talented singer who owns five albums at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, two of which include songs recorded under the name “Hannah Montana”, and brings her many awards and nominations. In 2010, Miley ranked thirteenth on the Forbes‍ Celebrity 100, and was named “Most Influential Teen” in 2011. In 2013, she was named “Entertainer of the Year” by MTV. However, all that success still doesn’t seem to be enough to erase the reasons why many people “dislike” this girl very much!

1) Weird fashion style

Certainly Miley Cyrus is not the first star to use eccentric fashion tricks to attract attention from the public, but it seems that Miley has achieved her goal because the audience also finds it difficult to accept. Forget her image. Surely this rebellious girl has her own plan to dress up to be in the newspaper every morning. Sometimes she wears a rainbow-colored outfit like “a drunken unicorn”.

The fashion and music experts were not very sympathetic to Miley’s style of dress except for a few people. And those can only be people who work for Miley!

2) The classic tongue sticking out style

The tongue out gesture has become a mark, a “living” signature of Miley Cyrus! Honestly, it just makes this singer not to be confused with countless other artists in the industry. But many parents always tell their children basic things such as never sticking out their tongue because it is impolite. Furthermore, if one day sticking out your tongue becomes a hot trend, I think Miley should still keep it in her mouth and not stick it out because really, her tongue is not beautiful at all!

3) Twerking

If Miley’s tongue sticking out makes you uncomfortable, then this girl’s butt may make you even more upset. Round 3 is not at fault, the fault is in the way Miley used it as a tool to perform her infamous twerking.

Appearing on stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, the twerking scene with Robin Thicke caused Miey’s image to seriously decline. Twerking is not bad if placed in the right situation, at the right time, but Miley doesn’t seem to care about that!

4) Not everyone can “listen” to Miley’s music

When it comes to music, everyone has their own unique taste. However, there are still countless genres, songs, and melodies that can be suitable for the majority of listeners. But her music is not among them.

Not everyone likes to listen to her music for many reasons. Miley knows that, but even as a singer, she doesn’t care about what the audience likes, she only cares about what she likes, singing what she likes. want.

5) Strange transformation

In the music entertainment industry, fans have witnessed many successful and remarkable makeovers. But perhaps Miley’s transformation is equally bizarre and makes many people disappointed. From cute star Hannah Montana to twerking pop star, Miley has been one of the singers with the most dramatic transformations that are interesting but also unsettling.

In general, this kind of reverse makeover just makes many fans of the image of Hannah Montana freeze or becomes a reason why many people hate Miley Cyrus.

6) Her relationship with Liam

Another passionate love story between Miley and the hottest boyfriend in the US entertainment industry – Liam Hemsworth. Love each other, postpone engagement, break up… but the “young couple” is still back and happy together with a sparkling engagement ring on their hand proudly showing off to the world. Although love is not at fault, but falling in love with a “male god” who captures the hearts of many girls like Liam is a… felony! Many Liam’s fans still feel “annoyed” and don’t understand why a weird, weird and impulsive girl like Miley can be loved by this Hemsworth boy. 

But no matter how much everyone criticizes Miley, they have to admit that in love, she is still a very consistent and loyal person, unlike many other “changing lovers like changing clothes”. 

7) Being rich makes you jealous

This reason may not seem very reasonable, but with a fierce entertainment world like today, no one knows anything in advance. Every artist strives to achieve fame and influence in the region and around the world with sweat, tears and blood. Many people look at Miley and can’t help but envy her!

Miley Cyrus is only 24 years old, but she’s already achieved levels that many people would never dream of achieving. Performance contracts, recordings, singles, albums, singles,… have helped Miley Cyrus own a huge fortune, estimated at $160 million. Some people may be impressed by that number, but for many others, it’s just another reason to hate Miley.

With her overly revealing outfits, sexy nude photos and many tricks on stage, the newly turned 24-year-old female singer – Miley Cyrus is not liked by many people. However, there are still some very admirable things about this singer who has many tricks up her sleeve. Many people still believe that hidden behind the “sticking out” tongue that makes people frown in discomfort is still a Miley Cyrus with a true love of art and a heart full of emotions.

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