In anger, Nicki Minaj warned Cardi B: ‘ Just try touching the wrong person, you’ll get in trouble’

“Try touching the wrong person and you’ll die,” Nicki Minaj declared.

Appearing on Queen Radio’s Beats 1 program on September 10, Nicki Minaj  shared for the first time about the noisy fight that caused a stir last weekend at New York Fashion Week, USA. The incident is said to be that Nicki was thrown shoes by Cardi, while Cardi had a forehead tumor and had her skirt ripped to reveal her butt.

Nicki Minaj sent 'war letter' to Cardi B after fight: 'Just try touching the wrong person, you'll definitely die'

Nicki Minaj denied that badmouthing Cardi B led to the fight.

The female singer shared her feelings after the fight: “That night, I became part of a shameful and humiliating story. The way people walked by, gawking at the disgusting chaos, I would never forget. I was humiliated” .

After the clog, when returning to the hotel, Cardi B “posted” on Instagram, explaining why she caused this fight. Cardi B wrote that Nicki Minaj not only said things about her but also said bad things about her 3-month-old daughter, making Cardi unable to bear it anymore.

However, the 35-year-old singer denied this in the interview: “I want to say, I never talk about anyone’s children. I have never talked about the possibility of parenting. anyone… It’s crazy that people want to make Onika (Nicki’s real name) the bad guy by saying I did something I’ve never done” .

“I declare to the whole world that this Onika Tanya Maraj has never said bad things about anyone’s children before. I am not a clown. Those things are cheap farce,” the female rapper declared .

Nicki also liked tweets claiming she never criticized Cardi B’s mothering abilities – something Cardi claims happened.

“Try touching the wrong person and you’ll die,” Nicki Minaj declared.

Also during the conversation with Beats 1 Radio, Nicki repeatedly asked the crew to rewind an old interview of Cardi B and expose the female rapper’s fake statements about children.

Although not named, it is understood that Nicki Minaj is trying to send a strong message to Cardi B: “I have never had to sleep with a DJ to have him play my music. Someone please help her, she’s at the peak of her career, but she’s out throwing bottles and clogs. Can someone stop her?” .

Nicki Minaj warned Cardi B: “If you touch the wrong person, you’ll die. I’m not like those girls in strip clubs or like in reality shows. My money is very good. It’s power”

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