Nicki Minaj “hunts down” students who overcome difficulties, spending thousands of dollars on study aid

TMZ has confirmed that two more people have received support payments from Nicki Minaj worth $800.

Nicki Minaj not only knows how to talk and “show off” on her personal page about her plans to support students overcoming difficulties, TMZ has officially confirmed that the “ ALREADY” rapper began transferring thousands of dollars to college students who requested it. financial help from her on Twitter.

nicki minaj

Following a request from a fan, female singer Nicki decided to generously spend money to help other students.

In a very rare story, a fan sent Nicki a note last Saturday night on Twitter, telling her that she really needed one to cover her college expenses.

Nicki immediately replied: “Please confirm that I can verify your school and I will pay for your tuition.” And unimaginably, “floods” of her fans from all over immediately posted on forums asking for help. The number has reached dozens of people.

nicki minaj

Many students in difficulty were comfortably helped by the female singer

Some people ask for help with student loans that cost thousands of dollars… others ask for less in terms of assistance costs. Usually a small amount of tuition, books and school supplies. Nicki was very thorough in asking why these people really needed money and whether they were in financial trouble.

TMZ has officially checked the information and confirmed from fans, who were lucky enough to receive support from Nicki Minaj with the amount of money requested from the singer. Nicki asked for bank information through DMs. One of the people received support up to 500 – 800 USD.

nicki minajThe female singer decided to organize this support activity every 1 or 2 months

The special thing is that fans are waiting for the next “opening of the wallet” from the female singer, when she confirmed that spending money for this help information will be opened monthly (or every 2 months). . Therefore, people who are having difficulty with money are still hoping to become the next lucky person to receive support from Nicki.

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