Police have ob.tain.ed an ar.re.st warrant for a woman named Stephaie Bell, who repeatedly called Nicki Minaj on the phone.

Nicki Minaj isn’t the one to be messed with and she proves it yet again, calling out to her prankster Stephenie Bell who made false claims, involving police

Nicki Minaj winning against prankster Stephanie Bell who made swatting calls; Police warrant out for arrest

Nicki Minaj (Instagram)

Nicki Minaj is definitely feeling like she’s come out on top after being hit by a seriously messed-up swatting prank. But guess what? She’s not taking it lying down! The rapper hopped onto her social media game and put the spotlight on one Stephanie Bell. Yeah, Nicki’s pointing fingers at Stephanie for apparently being the mastermind behind those bogus swatting calls that messed with Nicki’s peace at her San Fernando Valley crib.

Nicki Minaj (Youtube)

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How did Nicki Minaj react to the swatting fiasco and who is Stephanie Bell?

It seems like Nicki’s got the upper hand here. She’s not just spilling tea, she’s spilling the whole kettle! The word on the street is that there’s an arrest warrant that’s got Stephanie Bell’s name on it. Nicki’s giving a shoutout to some top-notch detective work and expressing her gratitude for it.

The legal big guns have filed a couple of charges against Bell. One’s for the whole swatting fiasco, and the other is for allegedly feeding some seriously false info to DCFS. You know what Nicki has to say about all this? “To God be the glory.” She’s owning her victory and making it clear that justice is in motion.

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What actually happened with Nicki Minaj?

Back in June, Nicki found herself in the crosshairs of a ridiculous swatting prank. Someone made a call to the police, spinning a wild tale about Nicki’s child being in danger and her house being a raging flame. Total lie, but it got the cops on their feet and heading her way.

Nicki isn’t just dishing out facts, she’s giving the culprit a piece of her mind too. She’s got a message for the person behind those fake emergency calls, and she’s serving it up with a dash of sarcasm, “To the woman who made those swatting calls to my home… #WasItWorthItDumbo?” Ouch, Nicki’s not holding back!

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And as for Stephanie Bell, well, let’s just say her alleged actions might have just earned her a one-way ticket to some legal hot water.

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