Regal Beauty in a Small Bird: Admiring the Majestic Crown

The Royal Flycatcher is a genus of passerine birds in the Tityridae family. Their crests are stunning and colorful, but unfortunately, they are only used for special occasions. These birds measure between 16.5 – 18 cm (6.5-7) in length. The male’s crest is red, with plumage above being brown with small buffy spots on his wing coverts, while the rump and tail are dull yellowish-brown in color. Female birds are very similar to males, but their crown is yellow-orange instead of red.

Royal Flycatchers prefer living in forest and woodland areas in lower to mid-level growth areas where they actively hunt insects. During breeding season, the nest is built of dead vegetation and often hangs from the tip of a branch, typically along streambeds. The breeding season depends on the country in which they live, for instance, in Guatemala, it is from April to July, and in March to June in Costa Rica.

The birds are native to the Amazon Basin on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Unfortunately, all populations of Royal Flycatchers are under threat mainly due to deforestation. It is essential to protect these birds and their habitats to ensure that they thrive for generations to come.

So, if you get a chance to see one of these beautiful birds, cherish the moment and take a good look at their crests. Although the crests are seldom seen, usually only during breeding season or when the birds are handled, they are spectacular and striking. You can also watch this bird in the video below:

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