The undisclosed secret of Miley Cyrus’s fiancé is Australia’s sexiest vegetarian male star

Miley Cyrus’s son continues to receive this honor after more than 2 years of being familiar with vegetarianism.

Animal protection organization PETA has named Liam Hemsworth  and famous disguise artist Courtney Act as “Australia’s sexiest vegetarians”. A representative of PETA shared: “More and more artists became vegetarian in 2017, so it is difficult to choose the title of Sexiest Artist.”

Miley Cyrus's fiance is Australia's sexiest vegetarian male star in 2017

Liam started switching to a vegan diet in 2015, after learning more about animal cruelty happening around the world. “The more aware I am of it, the more I try to do what I’m doing,” he shared.

Within a few months, Hemsworth felt a noticeable difference. “I don’t feel anything negative when eating this way,” he shared. “I feel nothing but positive effects both mentally and physically. I love it.”

Earlier this year, the actor called on his 9.7 million followers on Instagram to watch the documentary What The Health about the harmful effects of eating meat every day. He wrote: “If you care about your health, the rights of animals and the planet we live on, watch this documentary.”

Miley Cyrus's fiance is Australia's sexiest vegetarian male star in 2017

As for Miley, she started becoming a vegetarian in 2013, after her beloved dog Floyd was bitten to death by a wolf. At this time, she was on a world tour to promote the album Bangerz. It is known that Miley cried on stage when she heard the news of Floyd’s passing. Since then, she started becoming a vegetarian and has been very active in animal protection activities.

Sharing about her vegetarian views, Miley once posted a photo of her meal containing many vegetables and fruits and said: “A premium vegetarian meal in LA…There are too many vegetables and fruits.” we can eat and therefore we don’t need to eat meat…”

Miley Cyrus's fiance is Australia's sexiest vegetarian male star in 2017

Hemsworth and Miley are two of those actively participating in animal protection projects. Previous global honorees include Ellen Page, Kristen Bell, Jared Leto, Jessica Chastain and Russell Brand.

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