Raise a fierce ‘black bear’, and pay the price for your actions! Continuously suspected and reported and questioned every time you take your pet for a walk: The truth behind makes many people fall!

A Japanese owner raised his dog Nao. After that, I was suspected and even reported again and again. It turned out that every time he took Nao for a walk, the owner was questioned by passersby, because passersby thought he was not a dog but a bear.

When the dog was young, others thought it was a black bear; when the dog grows up, others will still think it is a bear cub. For this reason, the owner had no choice but to repeatedly explain that it was just a dog, a Kai dog.

But it must be said, because the Kai dog usually has a darker and browner coat color, Nao’s appearance is indeed very misleading. It has black fur all over its body, only the edges are slightly yellow. From many angles, it looks like a black bear.

But as long as the dog smiles, its temperament is completely different. From this point of view, it is a pure and cute dog.

Fortunately, after the owner’s explanation, the neighbors knew that this dog was not a black bear, not afraid to see it, let alone tell the owner. If someone does not understand, the owner is willing to patiently explain to them.

Some dogs have encounters with other wild animals, especially dogs like husky dogs, wolves like wolves, Shiba Inu like foxes… Even the owner himself has to admit that sometimes when Nao at first glance really looks like a black bear.


Nao: Have you ever seen a black bear that can act like a dog?


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