Taylor Swift bids adieu to 2023 Eras Tour with Sao Paulo song surprises

In a surprise finale to The Eras Tour 2023, Taylor Swift delighted her Sao Paulo audience with two never-before-performed songs, ‘Say Don’t Go’ and ‘It’s Time to Go.’ Despite speculation, Swift did not announce the release date of Reputation (Taylor’s Version) during the show. She expressed deep gratitude to her fans and promised new surprises when the tour resumes in 2024.

Taylor Swift bids adieu to 2023 Eras Tour with Sao Paulo song surprises

In a spectacular finale to The Eras Tour 2023, Taylor Swift left her Sao Paulo, Brazil, audience in awe as she deviated from expectations and surprised them with not one, but two never-before-performed songs. The crowd, eagerly anticipating tracks from her acclaimed Reputation album, loudly chanted for it during Swift’s acoustic set on Sunday night at Allianz Parque stadium.

However, defying expectations, Swift chose to showcase her versatility by debuting live renditions of “Say Don’t Go” and “It’s Time to Go.” The emotionally charged ballad “Say Don’t Go,” co-written with Diane Warren, was a poignant moment as Swift strummed it on her guitar. Released just last October as a vault track on 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the song took on new life on the concert stage.

Following this, Swift unveiled the concert debut of “It’s Time to Go,” a track co-written with Aaron Dessner and featured on the deluxe version of 2020’s Evermore. This time, the piano served as the instrument of choice, adding a different dynamic to the performance. Swift, known for surprising fans with unique song choices each night, explained, “There are some songs that I still really, really wanna play.”

Looking ahead to her 2024 tour, Swift announced her intention to reset and make all her songs fair game again. The announcement sparked speculation among fans, with the hashtag Rep TV trending on social media. Some theorized that Swift might use her last concert of 2023 to announce the release date of Reputation (Taylor’s Version). The speculation gained momentum when Swift playfully misspoke “Rep” instead of “Eras” Tour on stage, acknowledging the influence of her fans: “You’ve gotten in my head.”
Despite the anticipation, Swift did not make a Reputation (Taylor’s Version) announcement during the show. Nevertheless, she expressed deep gratitude to her fans, referring to The Eras Tour 2023 as the most magical adventure of her life. Seated at the piano during the Evermore era of the set, Swift reflected on the tour, stating, “This has been the most magical adventure of my life.”
As the Sao Paulo concert marked the conclusion of The Eras Tour for 2023, Swift promised a reset and new surprises for her fans when the tour resumes in February 2024. The night was a testament to Swift’s ability to keep her audience on their toes, delivering unexpected performances and creating heartfelt connections with her dedicated fanbase. The final show was indeed a fitting conclusion to a tour that celebrated the shared memories of Swift’s remarkable journey in the world of music.

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