Breaking News: Baba Vanga’s Terrifying Prophecies for the Future Unveiled ” Europe’s nightmare in 2025″

The American New York Post published the future predictions of Baba Vanga, the famous female prophet known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans.”

Previously, 85% of this prophet’s predictions came true.

Below are Ms. Vanga’s predictions about the future from 2016 onwards.

2016: “Muslims” will invade Europe. The invasion would last for many years, causing the European population to gradually disappear and the entire continent to become a dead land.

2023: The Earth’s orbit will change (no one yet understands what this means).

2025: Europe’s population will drop to nearly zero.

2028: Humans will go to Venus to find new energy sources

2033: Sea levels will rise and the polar ice caps will melt (this is actually happening)

2043: Europe becomes an Islamic state, with Rome as its capital. The world economy develops thanks to Islamic rule.

2066: Americans use a climate-changing weapon for the first time to reclaim Rome and restore Christianity.

Year 2076: Communism returns to Europe and the rest of the world.

Year 2100: An artificial Sun illuminates the part of the Earth in darkness (this is also becoming possible, because scientists are finding ways to create an artificial Sun using nuclear technology).

2084: Nature is reborn (no one is sure what this means yet)

Year 2130: Thanks to the help of aliens, Earth’s civilization will move underwater.

Year 2170: A major global drought

Year 2187: Two major volcanic eruptions were successfully prevented.

Year 2201: Earth’s temperature drops due to slowing solar activity

Year 2262: Planetary orbits gradually change. Mars will be threatened by a comet

2354: A malfunction of the artificial Sun causes more droughts

Year 2480: Two artificial Suns will collide and plunge the Earth into darkness.

Year 3005: A war on Mars will change the planet’s orbit.

Year 3010: Comet will hit the Moon. Earth will be surrounded by a ring of rocks and dust

Year 3797: Everything on Earth perishes. However, human science and technology have developed enough to move to another star system./.

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