ANGEL EYES : Angelina Jolie optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colored eyes – does it fool you?

A MIND-BOGGLING optical illusion leaves viewers feeling like their eyes have deceived them.

The trick is demonstrated below on a headshot of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

Some viewers see two different colored eyes in this image

Some viewers see two different colored eyes in this image

Some viewers think they see two different colored eyes.

One looks gray and one looks blue.

In reality, both eyes are still gray, but they appear different once a red filter is superimposed over one side of the image.

Illusion lover Michael Bach demonstrated this optical illusion and offered an explanation on his blog.

He wrote: “If you’re like me, the left eye has a blueish tint, while the one on the right a neutral gray.

“And, as you probably guessed, both eyes actually are without colour and thus identical.”

The illusion relies on a color contrast to manipulate your eyes into seeing something that isn’t there.

Bach continued: “The redish tint next to the eye shifts the neutral gray of the eye to the opponent colour, which for red is blue-green.

“Also, when your gaze travels around the red part of the face, the central part of your retina adapts a little to red, so when it is presented with a neutral gray again, the opponent color is seen.”

The effect is weakened when the red side of the image is increased.

Optical illusions make a little bit more sense when you learn that our eyes have very little to do with what we see.

It’s our brains that play the key role in creating images and trying to protect us from the potential threats around us.

When you look at an object, what you’re really seeing is the light that bounced off of it and entered your eye.

This is converted into electrical impulses that your brain then turns into an image.

The more red the image, the more obvious that both eyes are gray

The more red the image, the more obvious that both eyes are gray

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