Angelina Jolie is completely different when she changes her hair color

Angelina Jolie has officially started her career in the field of fashion, she is preparing to launch a new collection. On a special occasion, the beauty changes her hair color, creating a stylish surprise.

Hollywood actress – Angelina Jolie (48 years old) surprised when she changed her familiar dark brown hair color. She changed to a refreshing bright blonde. This change of Jolie is surprising.

Jolie’s current appearance is reminiscent of her role in Girl, Interrupted (1999). This change was made by Jolie after she officially partnered with fashion brand Chloe and prepared to launch a new collection. The latest photos of Jolie have just been taken by her team of collaborators while she is with them brainstorming ideas for the designs in the new collection.

For a special reason, Angelina Jolie changed her hair color with a new hair color - 1

Jolie’s current appearance (left) is reminiscent of her role in the movie “Girl, Interrupted” (1999) (Photo: Daily Mail).

Previously, the public was familiar with the image of Angelina Jolie with long dark hair. The fact that she switched to bright blonde hair and cut it short compared to before made many fans excited. Many comments on social networks have positive reviews for Jolie’s style of appearance in the current period. Many people think that the new hairstyle suits Jolie better, making her look younger.

To prepare for the upcoming new collection, Angelina Jolie has been involved in the process of designing women’s fashion models. The inspiration for this collection comes from the fashion style that Jolie pursues.

Currently, Jolie has founded her own fashion brand called Atelier Jolie. Collaboration with fashion house Chloé is Angelina Jolie’s first step to make her new fashion brand known in the market.

Jolie said that her priority when designing women’s fashion is to help the wearer feel comfortable, create a high aesthetic effect, ensure product quality in the long run and do not harm the environment. .

For special reasons, Angelina Jolie changed with a new hair color - 2

For a special reason, Angelina Jolie changed with a new hair color - 3

The latest photos of Jolie have just been taken by her collaborators while she and them are brainstorming ideas for the designs in the new collection (Photo: Daily Mail).

All profits from the cooperation to launch this new collection will be used by Jolie to invest in the staff participating in her own fashion house’s apprenticeship. The Atelier Jolie brand will be on the market this fall.

Angelina Jolie said the idea of ​​​​creating her own fashion brand came to her from the respect and admiration she has for tailors. Jolie wants to be able to create classic fashion designs that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, have stable quality in the long run and are not harmful to the environment.

For a special reason, Angelina Jolie changed her hair color with a new hair color - 4

Angelina Jolie with familiar dark brown hair (Photo: Daily Mail).

Angelina Jolie affirmed: “Fashion is an art field that I have had the opportunity to play and experience over the years. I have learned about fashion design activities and have accumulated a lot of practical knowledge while working. work with the best tailors.

Designers sketch ideas on drawings, but in the process of creating the actual product, it is the tailor who makes the real difference for the product. It is the tailors who make me feel very excited to be around to come up with creative ideas.”

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