From the 3rd person Angelina Jolie to the official wife and then divorced because of another third person, why?

Angelina went from a criticized third person to a wife who built a desirable model family, famous all over the world. Unexpectedly, in the end, her marriage broke up for many reasons, including rumors that her husband had a new person…

Angelina Jolie appeared in the middle of the beautiful marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, she silently listened to criticism and eventually became a politician. But the marriage of Angelina and Brad Pitt also came to an end and left painful echoes, why?

Angelina Jolie before becoming a star, a lauded woman, she had a dark past. Angelina was accused of being addicted to play. She also had some bad marriages. Meanwhile, Jennifer is a rare female pearl of Hollywood. At that time, Jennifer and Brad were happily married. But in 2003, co-starring in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith pushed Angelina and Brad Pitt to fall in love. Representatives of both sides denied that they had feelings for each other. But in 2005, reporters captured Brad Pitt with Angelina and her adopted son on vacation together. The incident exploded in the media. That same year Brad Pitt completed divorce proceedings with Jennifer. While Angelina was happy, Jennifer was in pain. Then, in a slip of the tongue, she revealed that she had feelings for Brad Pitt while co-starring Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And she said: I could say I live in a bubble where everyone can see it. But that’s fine, everyone has good times and bad times. Not everyone is perfect.”

Angelina used to be the third person in Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage

Ignoring criticism for being a third person, a husband thief, Angelina has worked hard while actively contributing to society. The image of a family of 3 adopted children, 3 common children has erased bad rumors in the past. They became Hollywood’s most beloved couple. They are said to be well-matched in appearance and fame and have a strong fan base all over the world.


Happy with Brad Pittt

In 2014, Angelina and Brad Pitt’s wedding took place after many years of living together. Thought happiness was complete, suddenly 2 years later the couple divorced and got into disputes, lawsuits, and lawsuits until now.


During the time that the couple’s divorce took place, there were rumors because Brad Pitt had someone else while Angelina battled illness. At that time, rumors pointed to Marion, Brad’s co-star in the Allied project, while Angelina was in poor health because she had undergone breast cancer surgery. There is also information that Angelina used to hire a detective to monitor the movements of her husband and “mistress”. However, it was later reported that the rumor was untrue. The couple’s divorce information is said to be due to disagreements in parenting, Brad’s drinking habits. But some other sources say that when married, the two have an agreement that if Brad Pitt has an affair, Angelina will have full custody of the children. Then their child-rearing battle made many people suspect that Brad Pitt was indeed having an affair.


Divorced for 7 years but the couple still have lawsuits

During the divorce battle, Angelina won custody of all children, Brad was only allowed to visit. In June 2023, the couple continued to make noise in the media because Brad sued Angelina to secretly sell shares of the wine farm causing damage to him. The actor claims his ex-wife is full of hatred.

Angelina still only focuses on work and 2023 also marks the birth of her own fashion brand. From a 3rd person, to a wife who is loved by many fans, so loved that she forgot she was the third person. But unexpectedly the marriage was not complete and Angelina also had to “pay the price” upset by rumors related to another third person.

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