Heartlessly burying her own dog alive, the Korean woman was sentenced to half a year in prison

An owner and accomplices buried their pet dog alive in Jeju (South Korea) last April. Before this animal rights violation, she was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

On the 24th, Judge Oh Ji-ae of the Jeju District Criminal Court sentenced a 30-year-old woman to 6 months in prison and a 40-year-old male accomplice to 2 years of probation. These two were convicted for violating the Animal Protection Act in Korea.

Previously, they were found to have tried to bury a poodle alive near Dogeuncheon, Naedo-dong, Jeju at 2:54 am on April 19 last year and also abused it. At that time, the dog was howling because its entire body was buried except for the nose and mouth.

The torture lasted for 6 hours until a passerby detected the dog’s presence by barking and rescued it at around 8:50 am.

When discovered, the dog was in very bad condition. According to the informant, “The dog could not eat or drink, his body was very dry and shaking.”

Heartlessly burying the dog she raised herself, the Korean woman was sentenced to half a year in prison - Photo 1.

Before that, people discovered that the dog was buried alive, only the snout was exposed.

Police were able to identify the dog’s owner by examining the microchip implanted in his body, which showed to whom it was registered.

The woman also perjured during the investigation. She initially said she lost the dog and then thought it was “dead”. However, through inspection of CCTV and video of the car’s black box, it is a false statement.

In the final statement, the woman’s legal representative blamed emotional stress on her impulsive behavior, while the man’s legal representative defended him. I believe that the action was based on his irrational and hasty decision in the face of the woman’s sudden request.

Both the woman and the man expressed regret and said they regret the action.

At the trial, the defendant’s lawyer appealed for leniency and said: “At that time, the defendant was under a lot of stress because of his privacy and accidentally committed a crime.” In her final statement, she also bowed her head and said: “I’m so sorry dog.”

Heartlessly burying the dog she raised herself, the Korean woman was sentenced to half a year in prison - Photo 2.

Lucky dog ​​was rescued and survived.

Judge Oh Ji-ae concluded, “If we look at the method of committing the crime, we can see that the behavior is very harmful. The motives that the defendants testify to the crime are not mitigated. However, we consider the reality of the crime. fact that all defendants were first-time offenders and the dog was also rescued” to give the final sentence.

Meanwhile, the abused poodle has now recovered and has met a new owner, named “Dami”.

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