Homeless dog, shunned by everyone because of his appearance

Chata Gil is a Californian who resides in Los Angeles and has a heart of gold. When she was in El Salvador visiting her relatives, she was horrified to discover how many dogs had been left on the streets. As a result, she decided to assist a stray dog that everyone else had shunned because of its looks.

In a restaurant, a dog went from table to table seeking for food. Everyone drove the dog away calling him “ugly” without showing any sorrow. Many people disapproved of Chata’s decision to be the exception and give the dog some food; some even ridiculed her, but that didn’t stop her from doing so.

After the dog left, Chata couldn’t stop thinking about him and went searching for him. When he found the dog curled up and left in the street, Chata decided to pick him up, but he was very scared because he thought they would hurt him.

In order to regain her trust, the lady fed her once more. She then made arrangements with the Miracles of Love Association of El Salvador for a ride to the veterinarian with the dog. After a veterinarian examination, Chata learned that the dog was far better than his outward look suggested. At first, she was considering euthanasia to put an end to the canine’s apparent misery.

In order to assist the dog that would subsequently be given the name “Sal,” Chata called the Saving Huey Foundation animal rescue group in the United States. Chata had planned to travel back to that nation a few days later.

Sal is receiving medical attention in El Salvador until he is fully recovered and can be sent to Southern California.

Sal’s rescue organization has been in touch with Tracy Lystra, a member of the Saving Huey Foundation team, who is keeping tabs on Sal’s situation and paying his necessary vet bills via Paypal.

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