More than 100 Korean dogs were sent abroad, escaping from slaughterhouses

After being rescued from a dog meat farm, in January this year, more than 100 dogs flew from Korea to the US and Canada to be adopted.

Russell the dog nearly became human food when locked in a dirty cage at a dog meat farm in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. But its fate changed after it was freed last October. Russell was put on a flight from South Korea to Toronto, Canada to find an adoptive family.

Russell was one of 110 dogs rescued from dog meat camps across Korea last year by the Humane Society International (HSI), an animal rights group based in the US.

From January 14 to January 18, these rescued dogs flew to the US and Canada to be adopted.

On the last flight on January 18 were 18 dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in North Jeolla province. They were taken to the isolation area at Incheon International Airport on a truck.

Nara Kim, campaign manager at HSI, scribbled with a marker pen on the boxes the adjectives: sweet, adorable, shy, gentle, fearful… to describe each animal’s personality. with new owners in Toronto.


Then, she cleaned each box one by one and packed food and water to prepare for the hour-long flight.

“After landing in Toronto, they will travel by bus to a shelter affiliated with HSI in Montreal,” Kim said.

However, these dogs are not adopted immediately after arriving in Canada, because they need some time to adapt to the new environment.

“They will be ready for adoption after receiving veterinary care, rehabilitation and a behavioral assessment at the shelter. Depending on the personality and health status of each animal, this process can take several weeks to several months. But I’m sure that in the end, they will all find a new family.”


Kim – who has been to more than 20 dog meat farms in Korea – said that the dogs here come in all sizes and breeds.

“Unfortunately, large dogs have almost no chance of finding new owners in Korea because people here prefer small dogs. Sending them to overcrowded local shelters is not an option. Therefore, we have arranged to adopt them abroad such as the US, Canada, and the UK.”

Since 2015, HSI has sent approximately 2,500 dogs abroad, of which 95% have found new families.

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