Poor dog abandoned on the street with amputated front legs

A poor puppy was discovered dragging on the street with its front legs amputated.

The critically injured dog was discovered in the Turkish city of Samsun and rescued by members of the local Association of Animal Rights (HAYTAP).tracking

It was immediately taken to a private veterinary clinic for emergency treatment. Veterinarians have recorded heartbreaking images, pitiful and pitiful dogs.

The poor dog was discovered with its front legs amputated.

When the person behind the camera touches the injured area of ​​the dog, it reacts very strongly to protect itself as a reflex.

Veterinarian Mustafa Kanat said: ‘It looks like the dog’s leg was amputated with a sharp instrument. The rest of the bone is not in good shape and may not be able to wear a prosthetic leg.”
“I think the puppy can move around in a wheeled walker and use its hind legs. But I’m really sorry, there are no more words to say.”

The dog can’t even get a prosthetic leg and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The police have opened an investigation but have yet to arrest the person who cut off the poor dog’s leg.

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