Poor dog chews its own leg due to being starved by its owner in cold weather

A poor dog chewed on his left leg from starvation in the cold New York weather.

A poor dog named Zoe was fortunately discovered by a delivery driver in the backyard of a New York property in dire condition.

Zoe was in poor health with a broken foot that was bleeding. At first, the driver suspected that the dog had been cut off by someone.

He knocked door-to-door around the area to inquire before notifying the city’s animal shelter.

Zoe was taken to medical attention immediately. In addition to the wound on her foot, doctors also determined Zoe was anemic and had heart failure.

Besides, above the shoulder of the dog there is a large tumor. After a follow-up examination, the doctors were relieved to find out that this was not a cancerous tumor.

However, for Zoe’s health reasons, an operation was still carried out to remove the tumor.

Poor dog

After taking care of Zoe, the shelter representative contacted the police to find out the origin of the dog.

New York police quickly identified Zoe’s owner. A summons has been sent to Carl Pritchard, 59, the owner of the poor dog.

poor dog

Zoe with the missing left foot.

In the official announcement, the New York Police Department posted a picture of Zoe and Carl Pritchard with the caption:

“ This is Zoe, a dog found with his left paw missing. Veterinarians in Otsego County believe the dog chewed through his own paws from hunger.

Zoe was found in dire circumstances, without food or water and chained to the cold outside next to a plastic container filled with some hay.

Zoe’s owner, Carl K. Pritchard, 59 years old, was arrested and charged with torturing, injuring and failing to provide appropriate foster care for the animals. ”

poor dog

Zoe is cared for at a New York City animal shelter.

Currently, Zoe’s owner has been deprived of custody and the dog is in the care of a New York City animal shelter.

As soon as Zoe’s health is restored, the center will search for a suitable new owner for the dog.

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