Rescue a dog trapped in an icy lake in Siberia

During a patrol on Lake Kenon, rescuers discovered a poor dog lying in the cold weather, legs and tail stuck under an ice hole.

In countries near the North Pole, the cold climate causes rivers to freeze all year round. Ice forms a thin layer on the surface of the lake, preventing cold air from continuing to spread down, freezing all the water in the lake.

Although the water under the ice is still very cold (about 4 degrees Celsius), there are still many fish species here. These cold-blooded animals have the ability to change their body temperature to adapt to the harsh climate here.

It is for this reason that many locals, despite the freezing cold outdoors, bring fishing rods to the middle of the frozen lake to catch fish. This is a rather dangerous job, the ice on the lakes does not have a certain thickness, depending on the time and place, the layers of ice are thick and thin. To be able to catch fish in the lake, people have to break the ice and carve a small hole to release their rods. However, if you are not careful, cracks from the ice crater will spread, causing a large iceberg to break and will be dangerous for anglers.

Because there are so many fishermen recklessly fishing in the middle of lakes, rescue forces have to regularly patrol rivers and icy lakes to promptly detect and rescue people in distress.

The Zabaikalsk rescue team was patrolling Lake Kenon (outskirt of Zabaykalsky Krai’s capital Chita) when they discovered a strange scene.

A group of people were traveling on the ice lake by a specialized boat when they saw an animal lying still, motionless in -3 degree Celsius weather for a long time. Getting closer, the rescue team discovered that this creature was a Moscow Watchdog, a cross between a Caucasian sheepdog and a St. Benard dog. The poor animal got its hind legs and tail stuck under a small hole in the ice.

Online community - Rescue a dog stuck in a frozen lake in Siberia

Icebreakers rescued the dog (photo: Zabaikalsk rescue team).

The soldiers quickly broke the ice, freed the animal and put it on the boat to warm up. Wondering why the well-trained dog was wandering alone in the middle of a frozen lake, the rescue team was worried that the animal’s owner might have had an accident while fishing so they searched but found nothing. There are no human remains around this area.

Online community - Rescue a dog stuck in a frozen lake in Siberia (Figure 2).

The dog was warmed up and taken to the station for care (photo: Zabaikalsk rescue team).

After a period of fruitless searching, the soldiers urgently brought the dog back to the station for care and treatment. The dog gradually recovered after a short time.

Although information about the dog was posted by the force on local media channels, after many days no one came to reclaim the animal. There is a high possibility that the dog has been abandoned by its owner.

According to information in the  Siberian Times , after the dog was healthy again, the rescue team released the animal.

Online community - Rescue a dog stuck in a frozen lake in Siberia (Figure 3).

After being healthy again, the dog was released (photo: Zabaikalsk rescue team).

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