The poor dog was abandoned, deformed so that no one noticed and the sudden makeover

Due to being abandoned for a long time, a dog in La Paz, Bolivia has become exhausted, tragically disfigured.

Wandering the streets of La Paz, Bolivia, a dog named Choco tries to stay alive with food scraps scattered or thrown by someone lovingly. With no food, no caregivers and no real home, Choco became ugly with long, black fur covered with fleas. Many people commented, Choco is no different from the character Cousin Itt in the movie “The Addams”.

Poor dog was abandoned, deformed so that no one noticed - Photo 1.

Choco is like the character Cousin Itt in the movie “The Addams”.

Witnessing the pitiful image of the stray dog, singer Monica Ergueta Romero, 39, posted a photo of Choco online to call for help and ask everyone to join hands to find the cruel owner who died. Abandoned the poor dog.

Only 2 days after the singer spoke, the dog Choco was adopted and cared for carefully. According to Monica, the new owner washed and trimmed Choco’s long hair. The coat weighs up to 2kg, making Choco even heavier and tired when moving.

The poor dog was abandoned and deformed so much that no one noticed - Photo 2.

Choco is bathed, hair cut and carefully cared for.

According to the Bolivian animal welfare organization, Choco was about 12 years old and was abandoned by her previous owner when they moved to a new place. Although locals gave the dog leftovers, no one dared to come near to trim Choco’s coat.

The dog’s new owner said that when he was adopted, Choco was very weak due to his long heavy coat making it impossible for him to move smoothly. However, now, its health has gradually stabilized and its mentality is also stable and happier than before.

The poor dog was abandoned, so deformed that no one noticed - Photo 3.

Poor dog was abandoned, deformed so that no one noticed - Photo 4.

Choco’s coat weighs up to 2kg, covered with mud, waste and fleas.

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