The stories about loyal dogs make you cry

Loyalty, love, even sacrificing their lives to save their owners… all the things that dogs have given to their owners will surely make you cry with emotion.

A dog in Thailand stopped a car to save his owner’s life

In April 2017, social media users shared a clip that attracted nearly 800,000 views, capturing the moment a  dog  rushed out from the sidelines to block in front of a car to save its owner.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 1.

The dog rushed out to block the car to protect his little owner.

When he saw a blue 4-seater car that could pose a danger to his owner who was cycling, the brave dog quickly ran in front of the car to stop it. Fortunately, because the car was not moving too fast, both the dog and his owner were safe.

Being beaten by a thief, the dog cried when he was about to say goodbye to his owner

That is a heartbreaking story that happened in mid-May, the dog of a family in Papua province (Indonesia) was poisoned to death by a thief. In the 1-minute clip recording the last moments of the dog’s life, people could not contain their emotions when they saw the dog shed tears in pain and sadness.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 2.

The poor dog shed tears in his last moments with his owner.

The poor dog’s eyes are always directed at his owner as if to say something. Its mouth foamed in waves, and sometimes there was a hiccup in its throat. That scene not only made the owner heartbroken, but also brought tears to those who just watched and had never met the dog in real life.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 3.

The affectionate dog makes many people cry.

After the “little friend” died, the owner’s family buried the dog in a plot near the house. The heartbreaking story that happened to the dog once again rings the warning bell about the increasingly rampant and scary dog ​​theft problem.

The dog refuses to leave his unconscious owner

According to  Independent,  while trimming a tree in front of his house in the city of Bahía Blanca (Argentina), Mr. Jesus Hueche – the owner of a dog named Tony – suddenly fell from a height of about 2 meters.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 4.

The dog lies on the unconscious owner’s stomach.

The strong fall left Mr. Jesus  unconscious and fortunately, neighbors discovered him early and took him to the emergency room. While waiting for the ambulance, Tony lay down on his owner’s chest and refused to leave. Even when the paramedics took Jesus  to the ambulance, Tony tried to jump into the car with his owner. The dog’s actions made witnesses emotional.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 5.

The dog was by his owner’s side wherever he was.

Fortunately, Jesus  only suffered minor injuries and was discharged from the hospital on the day of the accident. After that, the owner of the affectionate dog shared that Tony was accidentally found on the street and taken in by the Jesus family .

Hachiko – the statue of loyalty that has never been forgotten

Hachiko is a dog rich in affection and loyalty with a story that has almost gone down in history. Every time that name is mentioned, people remember the image of a dog going to the station every day to wait for his owner to return for 9 years, 9 months, 15 days.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 6.

One day, the owner did not return.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 7.

And it waited there for 10 years.

Hachiko ‘s owner is Professor Hidesaburo Ueno – working at the University of Tokyo (Japan). He adopted a dog and named it Hachiko. Every day, Hachiko still follows his master to the station to see him off from work and wait there until he returns. On the fateful day of May 21, 1925, Professor Ueno suddenly had a stroke due to a cerebral hemorrhage while giving a lecture and died soon after.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 8.

The reunion statue makes many people’s hearts ache.

That afternoon, like every day, Hachiko lay down at the station and waited for his owner to return. And so, it waited for 10 long years, every day, hoping to see the beloved figure of its owner again. Finally on March 8, 1935, the little dog had his wish fulfilled and returned to reunite with his beloved owner. Hachiko breathed his last on a snowy evening on a street in Shibuya.

Shedding tears looking at the dog lying next to his owner’s coffin

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Central Italy in mid-2016, claiming the lives of at least 281 innocent people.

Among the 34 coffins placed close together at a gym in the town of Ascoli Piceno, in addition to the grieving relatives of the deceased sitting next to the coffin to say their final goodbyes, the image of the dog lying Quietly next to a coffin made many people stunned.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 9.

Among many victims’ relatives sitting in grief next to the deceased’s coffin…

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 10.

Only one dog lay quietly next to his owner’s coffin.

Not much is known about this loyal dog, except that its owner comes from Accumoli – one of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake. The moment the dog sat next to the coffin of its deceased owner made many people cry and was touched by its loyalty.

The dog sells lottery tickets to help his owner in Ca Mau

Mr. Nguyen Van Nghi’s uncle No is 16 years old this year. When No was 7-8 months old, Mr. Nghi trained No to suck on things. Unexpectedly, one day No would be able to help his master earn a living by selling lottery tickets.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 11.

Every day the dog follows the owner for a living.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 12.

The little friend helps the owner sell about 300 lottery tickets every day.

It is known that Mr. Nghi left his hometown of Soc Trang to Ca Mau to work as a hired worker and when he left, he only brought his 4-legged friend, the dog No. Every day, when he goes to sell lottery tickets, he takes No with him. When lottery tickets were so bad, he thought of letting No try selling lottery tickets. And surprisingly, people’s curiosity helped No sell about 300 lottery tickets every day.

The story of the dog No is not only rich in affection and loyalty but also helps the owner to make a living, has also been widely shared on social networks and has made many people admire.

The dog went to his owner’s grave at 6 pm every day for 6 years

Capitán is the name of the dog that Miguel Guzman (who lives in the small town of Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina) bought as a gift for his son Damian in 2005.

However, a sad thing happened when a year later, Mr. Miguel suddenly passed away. After his funeral, Capitán was also found missing. People thought it died or went to live somewhere else.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 13.

Every day at 6pm, the dog comes to lie by the grave all night.

Stories about loyal dogs that make you cry - Photo 14.

Even though the dog was brought home many times, each time the dog returned to the cemetery.

Until one day, the family went to the cemetery to visit Mr. Miguel  and saw Capitán sitting next to the grave. When Damian shouted it was Capitán , the dog came closer and barked with a crying sound.

Only then did Mr. Miguel’s family learn that, every day at 6 p.m., Capitán came to lie by the grave all night. Although his son Miguel brought Capitán home many times, the dog always returned to the cemetery. Therefore, their family believes that Capitán is here to protect his late master.

After all, what we can feel is that the hearts of dogs are always warm with love. It’s just that we cannot understand their language to fully understand that feeling. And because they are so loyal, affectionate, brave, even self-sacrificing, people need to love dogs rather than hurting and causing them pain.

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