The Vigor of a Premature Baby: Smaller than a ten-dollar bill but full of life

Zoe Ambrose found she was pregnant 10 days before having Paige. After his mother pleaded with physicians, the 23-week-old infant survived.

17-week-old Paige had a 25% survival rate. The newborn weighed 595 grams, less than a 10-pound bill.

Paige survived her first months in various hospitals to celebrate her first birthday. In August 2015, her husband Arnie Fowler took Zoe, 30, to the hospital. After learning the baby will be delivered at 23 weeks, she urged the doctors to rescue her daughter. “I went into labor for about an hour,” claimed the Greenhithe, Kent mother. before a doctor came to inform me they had no legal obligation to preserve my baby’s life since she would be born before 24 weeks I feel worthless I can’t let her Ԁιе there was no fιɡҺting yet I begged them to save her, they agreed.

Now that I’ve brought her home, we’re very proud of her.” Zoe reported no labor symptoms. Zoe’s cycle was regular despite birth control pills. When she relocated and went to the doctor, she found out she was 22 weeks pregnant, ꜱҺоϲking her. “It’s weird, I still wear size 12 and no morning sickness. Zoe stated she wasn’t ready….ny

“Paige will always have diabetes and need eye exams, but she’s going to live a long and fulfilling life,” Zoe added. She’s our everything. She thinks little. still impresses me. She’ll be oxygen-free this year. Paige arrived unexpectedly, and we’re thrilled. Thank you.”…ny

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