The world’s leading Tiktoker becomes Binance’s Brand Ambassador

Binance, the exchange with the largest volume in the world, recently announced a partnership with Hot TikToker Khaby Lame, an extremely famous person in the worldwide TikTok community. The continued depreciation of the cryptocurrency market does not appear to have weakened Binance’s performance.

On June 30, 2022, Binance announced that it now has an additional Brand Ambassador, the content creator with the most followers on TikTok, Khaby Lame. With 142 million Followers, he is currently the content creator with the most followers on the platform, not a famous singer, actor or star but a 21-year-old Italian-Senegalese guy. He is also known by nicknames such as “black guy” or “king of coffee”.
“Black guy” Khaby Lame becomes Binance Brand Ambassador

“Black guy” Khaby Lame becomes Binance Brand Ambassador

Black man Khaby Lame has become a famous internet star thanks to his humorous, witty videos where he debunks ‘overcomplicated life hacks’ and makes them simple. Even though he didn’t say a word, he always opened his hands as if to say “look, it’s easy”.

Binance said that Khaby Lame is very suitable for making web3 videos, to help simplify confusing crypto concepts, helping Binance bring cryptocurrency closer to the traditional public. However, that can be difficult for him to do in his videos, since he rarely speaks.

“The black guy” also shared that he considers his fans like family, and is always looking for new challenges and interesting content to share. He was very curious about Web3, so he immediately jumped at the opportunity to cooperate with Binance because it was very suitable for what he was doing: “making complex things easy and fun for everyone.” People!”.
Khaby Lame Becomes Brand Ambassador of Binance

Khaby Lame Becomes Brand Ambassador of Binance

Additionally, Khaby Lame will also release his own NFT collection through Binance.

On June 23, Binance signed a long-term exclusive contract with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Recently, the Binance NFT marketplace also launched 1,000 NFTs for the world’s most expensive phone brand, VERTU.

Meanwhile, crypto companies such as Coinbase,, BlockFi and Gemini have been laying off employees and the prices of leading cryptocurrencies have dropped by up to 35% compared to last week. It seems that this difficult situation has little effect on the world’s largest exchange, Binance seems to be even busier with recruitment and brand promotion plans.  

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