Why did the benevolent woman Angelina Jolie decide to “bring down” her husband after the divorce, and did love turn into hatred?

Having overcome many markets to become the most beautiful couple in Hollywood, with a model family of compassion, after the divorce, Angelina and Brad Pitt’s long and expensive battle made people feel again. regrets.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were once considered the most beautiful couple in Hollywood when the most beautiful woman on the planet combined with the sexiest man in the world. But when they broke up, their divorce battle was extremely bitter. Angelina could tolerate many people but was determined to defeat her ex-husband?

Before becoming the most beautiful couple in the world, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they used to overcome many reputations, even surpassing morality to affirm their love. At the same time on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, Brad Pitt was still in a good marriage with Jennifer Aniston. The couple was rumored to be in love but denied. Then Brad Pitt divorced in the heart of Jennifer. And the reporters discovered in 2005 Brad Piit and Angelina with her adopted child together on vacation. It was later that Angelina in a slip of the tongue said: “Not many people have the opportunity to see the movie where their parents fall in love.” That has implicitly admitted that she is the third person, who fell in love with Brad Pitt when he was not done with the divorce.

Facing backlash from the public. Angelina and Brad Pitt gradually gained the love of the audience when they became a beautiful, compassionate couple and had many outstanding activities in both career and social activities. Angelina Jolie became the most praised woman when she had 3 adopted children of different races. Not only is Angelina Jolie praised for being beautiful and talented, she is also praised for being a compassionate person. Charitable activities aimed at poor, disadvantaged and sick children make Angelina Jolie the most compassionate and wonderful woman in Hollywood. She does charity modestly and quietly.

After many years of living together and creating a beautiful family with Brad Pitt, the couple is praised for taking care of their children themselves despite hiring many bodyguards and assistants.
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The couple held a simple and compact wedding ceremony in 2014 but only 2 years later the couple divorced, in an extremely noisy and persistent development. After the beautiful love, there are mutual accusations and custody battles, and the economic response. Angelina constantly accuses her husband of wasteful and wasteful behavior, bad habits, inappropriate actions with children, harm to children. After winning custody of their children, Angelina and Brad Pitt continued to fight and sue each other regarding common property.
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Now that it has been 7 years since their divorce, the battle is not over yet. Brad Pitt recently sued Angelina for arbitrarily selling shares not in accordance with the previous agreement, causing damage to him. And Angelina is said to be looking for a house in New York to distance herself from Brad Pitt and her children so that it will be difficult for him to visit them and repair their relationship with them. Some netizens think that she only went there for work, New York is not where she chooses to continue living, England is where she wants to live with her children. However, to do that, you need to wait 3 more years when the two children are 18 years old to decide whether to follow their mother or not.

Stepping out of a beautiful love affair, they become enemies who are determined to sue each other to the end. Unfortunately.

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