Dog dragged his owner from the front of her porch has left the internet in stitches

The moment a dog dragged his owner from the front of her porch has left the internet in stitches.

In a video with 6.7 million views, the mom is seen putting out the trash at her home when the family’s pit bull comes charging in and drags her down the steps. With the front door open, she grabs the dog’s leash to stop him from running away. As she holds onto the leash, the woman goes flying across the porch and down the steps, with trash in tow.

The woman’s daughter, Gabi, shared the video on TikTok on June 17 but declined to comment further for Newsweek.

Dog drags woman off porch

From left: Pictures from the video where a mom was dragged off the front porch trying to stop her dog from running away. The viral clip has been viewed over 6.7 million times.

To prevent issues like this in your home, it is a good idea to ensure that your dog is locked up safely when the door to the house is open, either in a pet-proofed room or in a crate.

Not all dogs are as keen to get out and about though. There was one stubborn bulldog who had a hilarious way to get out of taking a walk.

But what can pet owners do if their dog gets away from them, either at home or when out and about?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers some advice to dog owners, but the most important first step is not to panic. “Stay calm, even though your heart is racing with panic,” the AKC experts say. “Your dog will sense the fear in your voice and ignore you or simply run faster.”

Ensuring your dog has good recall is an essential. Spend time training your pet to come to you when called, ignoring all other distractions.

“Practice calling her in distraction-free environments and gradually work toward more distracting ones. Don’t be reluctant to use very high-value rewards for good recalls. Coming to you must be more rewarding than whatever your dog is currently up to. This will truly pay off when it really counts,” adds the AKC.

Viewers shared sympathy for the woman, as well as shock at how well she held onto the dog’s leash. “She flew at least 8ft,” wrote Perla Vanessa, while TikTok user DelanceyStreet added: “They need to draft your mom. She has a death grip.”

At the end of the video, the dog seems shocked by the outcome of the situation and looks back on the mess.

“He has the nerve to stand and look confused after the chaos he’s caused,” posted TikTok user Cydnie M.

Thankfully, in a follow-up video, the original poster Gabi said that her mom wasn’t injured by the incident.

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