Driver dumps distressed dog on side of road before speeding off, the cruelty is out of scale

The dog is now en route to Limerick Animal Welfare.

The shocking moment that a motorist on the outskirts of Limerick pulls up by a wall and drops a dog on the other side before driving away has been caught on camera.

The unnamed motorist was caught on CCTV driving up to the enclosed green space, checking carefully to see if anyone was watching him before taking a small dog from the car, returning to the road for another look to see if anyone is watching, and then drops the dog behind the wall.

The man can then be seen making his way back to the car, as the confused and distressed animal is seen jumping up attempting to watch the man drive off.

Thankfully, locals in the area who were concerned for the dogs wellbeing contacted Limerick Animal Welfare charity

The charity told CorkBeo: “CCTV captured this person callously dumping their little dog over the wall and driving away, leaving the poor dog jumping up trying to get back to the owner.

“Sadly the car drives away leaving the abandoned dog, discarded, for someone else to pick up the pieces. The dog is coming to LAW tomorrow (Monday).”

Animal charities, such as Limerick Animal Welfare, have warned of a wave of abandonments throughout recent months, many of which are pets taken on during the pandemic.

Since reality has returned to normal some pet owners, it would appear, have decided that an animal companion was not for them.

These animal groups have appealed to people who are no longer able to care for their pets to bring them to a local charity to be rehoused. In the case of this animal, the charity will now attempt to rehome the abandoned dog.

This is the second case of an abandoned dog the charity was forced to deal with over the Riverfest weekend. In another separate incident, a dog, who appeared to be malnourished and suffering from general mistreatment, was discovered chained to a tree in a Limerick suburb.

The charity said: “The dog found chained to a tree this morning is now safe at LAW. We have named him Jack. The cruelty continues.

“Jack looks like he has lived his life on a chain. His body condition is very poor as his coat hides the bones sticking out of his body. Jack’s coat is dry, full of natts and dirty.

“Jack will now be treated for parasites, vaccinated, and will be neutered when he has gained weight.”

If you wish to support the work that Limerick Animal Welfare and the work they do with animals in distress, mistreated, or abandoned across the region, you can donate via their website here.

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