Lana Del Rey’s new photo shocks fans: She is now totally unrecognizable

Lana Del Rey, after a period of enormous popularity, has been staying away from the spotlight for several years. The singer reopened her Instagram profile and posted a photo of her face: her appearance has changed radically compared to a few years ago.

The week that has just begun is that of the great return of Lana Del Rey. The artist returns after two years of absence: “Blue banisters”, her last album recorded in the studio, dates back to 2021. The new album by the singer originally from New York will be released on March 24th. The title of the LP is very long: “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under ocean Blvs”. The title track came out over three months ago, followed by “A&W” on February 14th. Last week, the March 15th, the artist has also made “The grants” available. In a few days it will be possible to listen to the entire album.

Lana Del Rey shares a new photo of herself: she is now unrecognizable

Lana Del Rey, now 38, has had a hugely successful time from 2012 to 2015. Eleven years ago she released “Born to Die”, her best-selling album. The most watched music video ever is “Born to die”, dating back to 2013. Today it has over 559 million views. In addition to her singing prowess, the character she has built has contributed to her worldwide success. Her extremely sad video clips of her, inspired by the films of the last century, are among the most viewed ever on YouTube. Not all that glitters is gold: despite the global success, Lana Del Rey has suffered from depression and alcohol addiction.

The ‘new’ Lana Del Rey

In her video clips from the early 1910s, Lana often appeared flawless and with a lean physique. For some time now, her outward appearance has changed. Objectively speaking, Lana Del Rey has put on several pounds, while remaining beautiful. The last photo, published a few hours ago, certifies how today Del Rey has a plump face and a more curvy physique than in the past. Here is the photo shared a few hours after the release of her new album:

Lana Del Rey booed by Glastonbury crowd after turning up 30 minutes late  for headline set | The Irish Sun

Anyone who met her ten years ago and then lost sight of her will find her unrecognizable. On her YouTube channel, the artist has only published the audio of the singles that preceded her new album. For the moment there are no official videos of the aforementioned songs. The last music video that sees her appear dates back to 2021: the track is ‘Blue banisters’ and at the time Del Rey was objectively thinner than today. Everyone is free to do what he wants with his body and his life: Lana Del Rey remains a beautiful woman even with a few pounds more than in the past.

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