Owner hides camera to see what dog does when he’s out: What happened makes he cry a lot

Adog owner has shared the moment he captured his pet’s reaction to him leaving the house.

In a video with 5.9 million views from June 26, Caleb Causey from Florida shared how his pit bull acted when he left the house. The footage showed the moment that the pup realized that his owner had closed the door and left without him and let out a huge howl.

Dog looking down camera

Barking, howling and complaining, it is clear that the pit bull wasn’t keen on being on his own. The text overlay read: “I just wanted to see how he acted when I left the house.” The owner then added that he was “Never leaving the house again.”

“Dogs can do lots of different things once they know they have the home to themselves,” accredited dog trainer Joe Nutkins told Newsweek. “In an ideal world, our dogs would settle as we leave and be comfortable napping until we return. But, sometimes, dogs aren’t sure why we leave. This can result in vocalization, destruction, toileting or even self-inflicted issues like nibbling their paws or pulling fur from their tail tip.”

A file photo of a dog looking down the camera. Hearts have melted after seeing one pet’s reaction to being left home by its owner.
The amount of time a dog can be left at home alone varies based on multiple factors including the animal’s age, temperament and individual needs.

For example, puppies should not be left alone for extended periods, and a responsible adult should be there to supervise and care for them. They should not be left alone for more than two hours. While adult dogs can be left for longer periods, it is still not recommended to leave them for longer than eight hours.

Senior dogs and those with special needs will require more attention, too. It is also important to consider your pet’s individual activity levels, mental and physical stimulation requirement and personality.

As well as these factors, Nutkins said it is also about what your animal is used to. “Dogs used to [being alone for] two or three hours regularly may find a one-off seven hours too much, while other dogs may be happy to have the space to relax,” she added.

In over 10,000 comments, people shared their reactions to the adorable footage.

TikTok user Cherish wrote: “That was the saddest little dinosaur roar I’ve ever heard.”

Amber Jo posted: “He was SOBBING. Straight to jail.”

“Well you can’t leave the house now,” agreed Devin.

“Sir!” commented shussary. “You better never leave that baby again.”

When dogs struggle to be home alone, it is also known as separation anxiety. There are ways to combat this and prepare your pup for being left on its own.

Nutkins said that it can help to prepare your dog. “Step of the room they are in with us, close the door for just a moment and return into the room—but don’t greet your dog. Just get on with what you had been doing,” she added. “This helps dogs get used to being separate, even for a short time.”

It can also help to say your goodbyes to your dog before you leave. “Getting your bag ready, locking the back door, and so on are things you can do without needing to interact with your dog, so they can start to settle before you go,” said Nutkins.

Three dog trainers previously told Newsweek how owners can help reduce their dog’s separation anxiety, listing the symptoms to look for and how to help a dog who is struggling to be left alone.

Newsweek reached out to @calebcausey8 via TikTok for comment.

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