Pique’s girlfriend reportedly interacts with Shakira’s son even when she doesn’t allow

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía continue to make headlines, and this time, the president of the King’s League and the student are raising eyebrows for how they allegedly spend time with Milan and Sasha, even when Shakira allegedly doesn’t allow Piqué‘s girlfriend to hand out with them.

The former athlete and the Colombian artist signed a custody agreement a few months ago that allowed Shakira to take her sons to live with her in Miami. However, it also established an extensive visitation schedule for the children to spend time with their father, particularly during vacations.

According to La Vanguardia, it has not been confirmed whether there is a clause in the ex-couples agreement that requires Piqué to keep the children away from his new romantic partner. However, sources close to Chía’s circle have reported that when the kids are in Spain, it becomes uncomfortable for her as she has to leave the house she shares with Piqué and stay with her parents.

However, according to Spanish personally Nacho Gay, this isn’t the case. Gay shared on Antena 3’s “Y Ahora Sonsoles” program that Chía has spent time with the children. “Clara Chía does interact with those kids,” he assured.

According to the commentator, he spoke with the lawyer of the ex-footballer, who unequivocally denied the presence of a particular clause that prohibits Clara from seeing the kids.

Gerard Piqué y Clara Chía

“(Clara Chía) has spent time with those kids during those 15 days they’ve been in Spain. I know for a fact that these kids have been with Clara Chía. There’s no issue; they’re a normal family, a normal couple. They’ve broken up (referring to Piqué and Shakira’s marriage)…,” explained the television contributor.

During the presentation, Gay shared that the agreement had been modified, but only a few minor changes were made. This is because Shakira stayed in the city until April, which allowed Piqué to have more quality time with the kids from January until Easter.

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