Poor dog abandoned in a plastic bucket with its legs and muzzle tied, footage from a camera captures the shocking scene

The helpless dog was so weak that he couldn’t move after being freed by the cyclists. He was taken to a local vet but his condition worsened and tragically had to be put down

A group of kind-hearted cyclists has rescued a dog after finding it abandoned in a plastic bucket with its legs and muzzle tied.

Members of the Tortuga Bike cycling club spotted the poor pooch while on a route in the Cozumel, part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo on October 4.

Footage from a camera mounted on their gear captures the shocking discovery as they find the white animal wrapped in a black rubbish bag on the roadside.

The dog, named Bruno by the group, looks completely exhausted and barely moves when a man takes him out of the bucket and cuts him free from the bag.

Bruno was treated by a vet but sadly had to be put down after a few daysThe dog was found wrapped in a black bin bag and placed inside a tiny bucket (Image: Newsflash)

He says “he is alive” while another adds: “No, he is in his last moments”.

But Bruno does not appear to be very responsive and remains lying on the ground in bad shape.

In another clip, the group returns to the same spot and finds Bruno breathing lightly.

They place a blanket over the dog and put him in a plastic crate before taking him to a vet for a proper checkup.

Bruno was diagnosed with anaplasmosis – an infection caused by ticks – and the vet found marks all over his body caused by tie-up.

The dog was found wrapped in a black bin bag and placed inside a tiny bucketBruno was treated by a vet but sadly had to be put down after a few days (Image: Newsflash)

He was later tended by a woman called Adriana Grau Lomas, who noticed Bruno from the rescue videos on social media.

She pets the pooch and says: “Come on buddy, you can do it.”

After several days of care, Bruno’s health unfortunately worsened and the veterinarian decided to put him down on Saturday, October 10.

Adriana shared the news online, saying: “Bruno did not die alone or cold or with his muzzle tied or inside a black bag hole. Bruno went knowing that we tried, and he went with a little bit of love.”
The videos have sparked anger among animal lovers who have taken action by signing a petition online called “Justice for Bruno”.

They ask the Quintana Roo government to take action “in the three orders of government: federal, state and municipal” and for the Animal Protection Law to be put in effect for the case.

It currently has 22,984 signatures since it was started five days ago.

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