Poor mother dog and her nine two-week-old pups were discovered abandoned in a shocking condition

Animal cruelty is regrettably being done against innocent creatures every single day. Each time we see news like this one, it simply tears our hearts. It’s too harsh.

Each time news like this creeps up on our news-feed, we couldn’t help but wonder, how can somebody be so heartless??

When a picture of an abandoned adult dog and her puppies became popular on the internet, a local animal sanctuary stepped in to assist.

On April 26, a 5-year-old boxer mix called Dory and her nine 2-week-old puppies were dumped in a church parking lot in Abilene, Texas, and were rescued by Paw Angel Animal Rescue, which is also headquartered in Abilene.

“Dumped in the parking lot of a church in Abilene. All of the Rescues are totally filled. After viewing the image of the abandoned pups on Facebook, the shelter wrote, “Foster needed urgently.” Situation is changing. Two Paw Angel volunteers are already on their way.”

One of the volunteers, Misty Boerger, told local ABC affiliate station KTXS12, “I saw the photo and it just broke my heart, so I phoned Angel and we went and rescued the dogs.”

“I simply don’t understand how someone could leave mama and two-week-old infants,” she concluded.

Angel Urban, who rescued the dogs alongside Boerger, told the site that Dory was wounded when they discovered her.

“We noticed a number of open and draining sores on her,” Urban added.

Dory’s wounds were aggravated by the fact that one of her puppies, Peach, had a throat tumor and had to be killed as a consequence.

Dory and her eight surviving puppies are healthy and ready to be adopted into their future homes, according to Paw Angel Animal Rescue.

Last week, the organization released a sweet picture of three puppies snuggling together, as well as the news that they had a new kennel to spend their time in.

The article claimed, “Eight puppies will begin their lives in a new 10-foot by 10-foot kennel.” “They’ll outgrow it in a few weeks, but for now, they’re Snug and Safe, out of direct heat, and we’ll adore them.

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