Rescue Dog Who Lost Eye and Half Her Face to Acid Attack Gets Happy Ending

A dog that survived an acid attack is now living her best life in Vancouver, Canada, and capturing hearts around the world.

With over 68,000 followers on TikTok, Mugsy and her canine friend, Martha, are a hit online in videos showing off their adventures, playtime and chill time.

But Mugsy didn’t have the easiest start to life. Born in Tehran, Iran, she was only a few weeks old when someone threw acid at her.

Dog Mugsy

“Persian Paws Rescue in Iran found her and they got her emergency medical help, but the veterinary specialists there had limited capabilities so they posted online asking if anyone wanted to adopt her,” owner Phoenix Novalee told Newsweek.

Pictures of Mugsy, who suffered an acid attack as a puppy in Iran. Now she is living her best life with her new owner in Canada.MARTHA.AND.MUGSY/TIKTOK

“My roommate at the time found the post and we messaged right away and arranged to bring her over. We made a GoFundMe and raised enough money for Mugsy to have surgery,” she explained. “The surgeons repaired the exposed areas of tissue and made sure she would be able to breathe, eat, and live normally with no discomfort.”

Mugsy lost skin on her face, as well as her right eye and most of her right ear. But after life-saving surgery she is doing well and today has no problems breathing, eating or drinking.

In Santa Fe, California, the Helen Woodward Animal Center is home to another dog that suffered an acid attack in the streets of Iran. Omid is looking for a forever home after a horrible start to life.

Helen Woodward Adoption Services Director Kendall Schulz told Newsweek: “Despite everything, she has a kiss and nuzzle for each new person she meets. Omid has been through so much but she knows her real life is just about to begin.”

Mugsy has found her happy ending, living with her owner and Martha. They love spending time together at the beach and going on walks.

Mugsy the dog

Mugsy lost skin on her face, as well as her right eye and most of her right ear. Life-saving surgery means she is now doing better than ever.MARTHA.AND.MUGSY/TIKTOK

“She does require a bit of special care. Our daily routine includes face washing and tooth brushing,” explained Novalee. “Her face gets messy when she eats so it has to be cleaned often. She loses quite a bit of moisture from her mouth and drinks lots of water so she needs fresh water available at all times.”

Twice a day, Novalee gives Mugsy moisturizing eye drops and a barrier cream on her gums—but the added maintenance doesn’t bother Mugsy.

“She doesn’t mind all the extra care at all, in fact she seems to enjoy the pampering,” said the owner.

Mugsy does struggle a little with anxiety, especially around unknown men.

“Because it was a man who attacked her it takes quite a long time for her to be comfortable around a new man she meets,” said Novalee. “Once she gets to know and trust them she is very friendly, and she is always friendly when she meets new kids, women or other dogs and will even jump up on them and give them kisses.”

“People really love Mugsy and her sister Martha,” the owner said. “It’s nice to share something positive. Of course, it’s sad what happened to her, but when you watch her videos and see how happy and full of life she is, it’s really heartwarming and the feedback from people in the comments is really supportive and positive.”

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