The Heartwarming Joᴜrney of a 2-Year-Old Abandoned Black Boy Finding Love and a New Life After 4 Years of Adversity.

The photo of a 2-year-old Nigerian boy being given water by a charity worker after being abandoned by his family because he thought he was a witch could not help but shock and hurt viewers.

The boy was discovered by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish volunteer living in Africa, wandering the streets without a piece of cloth on January 31.

Cô Anja Ringgren Loven cho Hope uống nước. Ảnh: Facebook

Miss Anja Ringgren Loven gives Hope a drink of water. Photo: Facebook

The boy with a skinny body was abandoned by his family for the past 8 months. Shocked by the pitiful image of the boy, later named Hope, Ms. Loven fed him and took him to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Cô Anja Ringgren Loven đưa Hope đến bệnh viện. Ảnh: Facebook

Anja Ringgren Loven took Hope to the hospital. Photo: Facebook

Ms. Loven founded African Children’s Development and Education Support three years ago helping children accused of witchcraft, abandoned or even murdered by the community. Ms Loven shared on Facebook with a photo of herself feeding Hope: “Thousands of children are accused of being witches. We see children being tortured, frightened, even killed.”

Hope được tắm và điều trị. Ảnh: Facebook

Tình trạng của Hope đã ổn định. Ảnh: Facebook

Two days after calling for help from the international community, Ms. Loven received $1 million in support for Hope’s hospital bills. With all the money raised, in addition to supporting Hope’s best treatment, we can build a hospital here and save more children’s lives. Loven and her husband David Emmanuel Umem built an orphanage at the end of January.

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