A labrador struggles to rescue his sister from the pool using all ingenuity and goes viral

Many people tend to underestimate animals, even the most loving owners tend to avoid the intelligence and cunning of their pets.

Some believe that their dogs, for example, are little bags of cuteness incapable of looking after themselves, but the shocking video of a dog saving her sister in trouble will surely make more than one change their minds.

The scene featured two beautiful white Labradors.

These fluffy, slightly overweight dogs look like the typical sweet and spoiled dogs that spend all day playing and, yes! There is a lot of that in them, but that is not the only thing that defines them.

These guys live in Miami, Florida and have amazed their family with how easily they solved a problem on their own.

The fluffy fell into the water.

The two dogs were playing near the pool when one of them fell into the water. The brother immediately jumped into action and used a rope to help the dog out.
“Look how my puppy helps his sister,” wrote the proud father who shared the video.
The dog remained at the edge of the pool at all times.

The images were recorded by the owner himself who seems, in addition to being surprised, to be parodying the scene for nothing common.

The puppy takes what he finds and with his snout brings it closer to his sister so that she can hold him and thus throw her out of the pool.

It was a team effort.

He didn’t want to get wet either, so nothing better than to stay calm and act smart. That was precisely what the dog did and his ability to get out of the problem is making everyone fall in love on social networks.

“We made it, brother!”

More than distressing, the video is moving because it also reveals the solidarity of this animal. It is evident that the dog was not in any danger, because her father was in the place and also her size helped her stay safe, but the moment could be something stressful for her.

Labradors are dogs with great dexterity for water.

There are those who have opined that the puppies seem to be trained for the situation but the owner has denied it. Similarly, what is important in this story is that not only was Dad in sight, but the sly and unconditional brother proved to be there to protect the mischievous companion from him.

We love stories that inspire and show the friendly and admirable side of our pets, share this note and tell us what heroic act your furry has surprised you with.

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