MU signed Sergio Reguilon, Erik ten Hag broke Sir Alex’s exclusive vow

Erik ten Hag broke Sir Alex’s vow of exclusivity after MU rushed to sign Sergio Reguilon from Tottenham to replace injured Luke Shaw.

On the last day of the summer transfer, MU promptly completed three additions to Erik ten Hag’s squad: goalkeeper Altay Bayindir from Fenerbahce, left back Sergio Reguilon of Tottenham and midfielder Sofyan Amrabat from Fiorentina.

Both Reguilon and Amrabat signed a 1-year loan contract and MU can buy them outright if they want. However, the Red Devils also set a ‘return’ clause in the middle of the season, in case they disappoint.

MU initially aimed to borrow Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella to quickly fill the left-back position when both Luke Shaw and Tyrell Malacia were injured. But because of the £7 million fee (while also having to spend money to sign Amrabat) that the Blues requested, Tottenham’s decision to switch to Reguilon was free.

With the ownership of Reguilon, MU marks a player from Tottenham in the squad after 15 years of ‘break-up’.

Before signing Reguilon, MU did not have any transactions with Tottenham after the Berbatov deal wasted so much effort and money that Sir Alex had to swear independence.

That’s because Sir Alex once swore he would never have any transactions with them since the Red Devils were forced by President Daniel Levy and Tottenham to transfer Berbatov in 2008 until the last day of the transfer. get the highest price.

Reflecting on this story, Sir Alex once said: “The whole experience was more painful than my hip replacement.”

In fact, MU wanted to buy Harry Kane from Tottenham this summer, but also saw the difficulties in negotiating with the London team so they gave up.

Signing Sergio Reguilon came easily because this player had no place at Tottenham, and last season also went to Atletico on loan.

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