An actor from Harry Potter’s Hollywood film portraying a “farting corpse” prompts a mass walkout.

Cinema-goers weren’t impressed with one Daniel Radcliffe film which had them feeling sick and leaving their seats in droves after seeing him star as a gassy corpse

One Hollywood movie featuring Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as a “farting corpse” had cinema-goers staging a mass walkout.

The film proved so gross – and such a U-turn from the JK Rowling fantasy series – that some audience members simply turned their backs and left the theatre.

That film is, of course, 2016’s A24 flick Swiss Army Man.

The film follows a young man called Hank, played by Paul Dano, who finds himself a castaway on a desert island with no hope of rescue. Determined to end it all, Hank fashions a noose for his neck, but is soon distracted by a nearby dead body.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the gassy body, which Hank uses as a makeshift raft to make it back to the mainland. But what follows is a bizarre adventure of him dragging the bloated – and inexplicably talking – body through the forest with him, lost in the wilderness.

The film has been branded “the longest fart joke in history”, with one Vulture reviewer claiming “there was a constant stream of walkouts” at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where it premiered.

Fans on X – formerly known as Twitter – have only just been discovering the film, and it’s fair to say it divided opinions.

One posted: “Swiss Army Man is literally making me sick to my stomach.”

As somebody else gushed: “Swiss Army Man is such a great movie, how have I never seen it before?” while a third fan echoed: “If I think about Swiss Army Man too much I start crying and throwing up.”

One critic from The Reader said of the film: “Ultimately, somewhere between the profound and profane, [directors] Daniels [Kwan and Scheinert] have made what is inarguably one of the most original films of the year, an accomplishment unto itself.”

Daniel Radcliffe himself had a lot of fun making the quirky film, addressing the challenges of making it at the premiere.

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He revealed: “How can I look dead and look slightly embarrassed at the same time or, you know, what does that look like?”

“So there was a lot of that to be worked out, but 90% of that came from being in the room with Paul and the directors.”

His co-star Paul added: “When you see it, we get to do some fun stuff, we get to do some silly stuff. I spent like five weeks carrying Dan around.”

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