Fans call Miley Cyrus the “sexiest woman on Earth” as she strips down to fishnets and tiny underwear.

The Climb hitmaker Miley Cyrus looked incredible as she worked to promote her latest single Used to Be Young, stripping to a tiny silk two-piece and fishnet tights

Miley Cyrus had fans branding her the “sexiest woman on Earth” as she stripped to a pair of sheer fishnets and a tiny pair of knickers.

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker turned up the heat in a black and white snap to promote her latest single, Used to Be Young.

Posing up a storm in a lingerie set, Miley wore a silk bra top, cropped to end just around her ribs and exposing swathes of her toned tummy.

A pair of high-waisted silk knickers matched her top, as Miley slipped into a pair of fishnet tights and ballet slippers that rose to her mid-calf.

With intricate silk fastens running up her ankles, the star went on tiptoe and raised both arms above her head to show off the elaborate tattoos dotting her muscular biceps.

She let her hair fall in waves that harkened back to her days as a Disney star, honey blonde highlights on top with darker brunette layers underneath, and added a simple pair of gold stud earrings to keep things casual yet chic.

For make-up, Miley opted for a metallic eyeshadow and a dark red lip as she slipped into a ballet pose and told fans that her latest track is out now.

In the spirit of her new single, Miley has been reflecting on what it was really like for her to be young – with long days starting at 5:30am.

The star appeared in a series of TikTok videos reflecting on her hectic schedule aged around “12 or 13”.

She started at 5:30am with “hair and make-up” in her hotel room, before being picked up at 7am and appearing for news interviews at 7.15am, 7:45am, 8:15am and 8:45am.

At 9:30, Miley was ushered into a “meeting with editors” before running back to her hotel for a lunch interview with her dad Billy Ray.
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Then came another photoshoot and a magazine interview, before more online interviews at 6pm and 6:15pm.

She added: “Then the next day starts at 7am and ends at 7:30pm. When i fly home to go to Hannah Montana, that’s on a Saturday. And then Monday, be back at work in the morning.

“I’m a lot of things, but lazy ain’t one of them,” she explained.

Miley then joked: “So I do think this girl deserves a little endless summer vacation.”

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