The British Prince Personally Sent A Message to Messi Right During the Match

The British Prince got his wish when he watched Messi play, but unfortunately the Argentine star could not score in the match against LAFC.

Messi always attracts attention in every match he plays for Inter Miami. Recently, during a visit to the MLS framework on the field of Los Angeles, there was a cult star cast sitting in the VIP room to watch the player who won 7 golden balls, prominent among them can be mentioned Hoang Gia. Handsome British guy, Harry.

With the appearance of Messi, Beckham’s team excellently won 3-1, thereby helping Inter Miami rise to 27th place on the MLS rankings. Despite 2 assists, 8.2 points and rated as the best player in the match, unfortunately, the Argentine star could not shoot in this match.

After the match, the video captured a humorous situation that occurred when a fan called Prince Harry and said: “Say something to Messi”. This funny prince put on a very bright smile and responded to the fans with the words: “Score in the net”. (Implying to want Messi to score in the match)

Harry reacted happily when asked about Messi (Source: Internet)
That action is said to have taken place before the Prince went into the dressing room to meet Messi. It is not known whether he said anything to Messi about not scoring or not, but what was shown on his face showed that the Prince Harry is a huge fan of the Argentine star and he waited a long time to be able to watch his idol play.

Messi had 2 assists for Inter Miami in the match against LAFC (Source: Getty)

The Duke of Sussex went to LAFC Stadium, he sat in a VIP room worth 9,000 USD (equivalent to 216 million VND) to watch Messi. Not only Harry, in the VIP area there are also famous names such as LAFC board member Larry Berg and famous actress Connie Britton. Hollywood icons like Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Ferrell, as well as sports legends including Magic Johnson and basketball’s LeBron James.

Messi fever has really hit America. He scored nine goals in seven Leagues Cup games to help Inter Miami win their first trophy last month. Messi did not score a goal in the last two matches, but with Messi, Inter Miami was unbeaten in all 11 matches. Next, on September 10, Messi and his teammates will face Kansas City. Beckham’s team’s goal will certainly be to maintain their unbeaten streak.

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