Believe the ad that the cat is like a “super mouse hunter”, the owner keeps it for a whole year and the ending is tearful

The story is that a rural family was plagued by rats that destroyed too much agricultural products.

I don’t have any cats or dogs in the house, so I heard the ad that there are 2 super-best mouse-hunting cats, so I bought them and raised them hoping to improve the situation.

These are the pictures of the parents of the two cats he is about to raise. They knocked out dozens of rats in just a few minutes

Everyone praised it, it was truly amazing. The illustrations are also very realistic

With such top-notch parents, their child’s life will definitely not be inferior. He spent a lot of money to buy 2 kittens to raise immediately

At first, the two kittens seemed mischievous, active and very adorable. When he grew up, his appearance was very similar to his father’s generation, making the homeowner extremely happy, “surely this year’s harvest season will not have any mice in sight.”

But life is not a blur, the ending is surprising. Here is a picture of 2 “super mouse hunting” cats after 4 months of practice:

Instead of neatly dealing with the mice that were wreaking havoc in his house, the two cats played happily, even providing food for the other mouse. Seeing it as a pet, the homeowner received a surprising ending, laughing and crying

Turns out the owner must have a gen Z cat, a “peace-loving” handling style, not averse to killing

Homeowners are having a headache because they are worried about the future of homegrown agricultural products in the upcoming crop. I don’t know if I should blame the person who advertises too much or blame my own number. So the family is raising 3 more mouths to eat

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