Coming home to find strange dogs warming up in the kitchen, the owner shed tears because he remembered the scene from the past

Coming home after a hard day’s work, what makes you happiest and most comfortable?

A story about strange dogs coming to people’s houses to borrow temporary wood stoves to heat in the cold winter, made the homeowner cry because he remembered the old story, also in this kitchen

The story is that after returning from working in the field, the elderly man walked in the door to find a pack of dogs, both mother dogs and adorable plump puppies spinning around warming up in his crib kitchen

By the fire there were pink coals and a few little dogs, leaning against each other in warmth and peace

It turns out that his house once adopted many stray dogs and cats. Therefore, it is possible that the dogs were brought here by the mother dog to stay and warm.

He   hastily   prepared some food and water for the children to fill their stomachs   able to withstand the cold.

The puppies actively inhale the warmth from the wood stove. Out there, the winter wind is cold, but this kitchen is filled with warmth and love.

Looking at the sight of the dogs turning around reminded him of his old dogs. In this same kitchen, he once adopted a group of stray puppies. However, unfortunately, he encountered a strange disease. Despite active examination and treatment, the 6 puppies passed away one after another.

Because of this, he was so heartbroken for many years that he did not dare to adopt any more dogs. Could it be that this time is fate, helping him overcome that psychological obsession?

After thinking for a while, he decided to adopt, hoping that his charm had not run out and he still had the health to take good care of the puppies.

In the cold winter, people’s hearts can warm everything, from now on, puppy mothers will definitely experience the warmest winters.

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