Due to the difficulty of giving birth, 2 small puppies were too weak, the mother dog sobbed and did not want the owner to bury her baby

A child who loses a parent is called an orphan, so what should a parent who loses a child call?To express all the pain of those who remain

Maternal love doesn’t just exist in humans, but animals too!

Recently, Golden mother dog after pregnancy, gave birth to 3 babies but the birth process was quite difficult.

Because it was difficult to give birth, the 2 babies born later were very weak, seemed to have bad feelings, the mother dog constantly licked all over the baby. Seeing that the baby is not moving, the mother dog still uses her nose and mouth to try to shake the baby awake

But it all became hopeless because 2 little puppies did not survive. It was only hours later that the mother dog accepted the fact that her baby was no longer alive.

Although the owner was heartbroken, he was also forced to bury 2 ill-fated dogs. The mother dog followed her to the garden, kissed her, licked her, sobbed and refused to leave.

Seeing 2 streams of choking tears, the moaning continued forever

The owner must gently stroke his head to comfort him and use words of encouragement because he still has a puppy that needs his care
“I know you’re sad, I’m sad too, but the two kids have left, it seems like they don’t have a relationship with us yet. I have no other choice, I need to let the baby leave in peace, hoping to see the two babies again next time.” Seeming to understand the owner’s intention, Golden later let the owner bury the baby in the ground, it was true. Seeing that scene made everyone shed tears

Because there is still a baby that needs to be taken care of, the mother dog regains her spirit of breastfeeding and takes care of the baby as it grows

However, it seems that the pain of losing her child is still there, the mother dog is always in a sad state, rarely seeing her as mischievous and happy as before.

Now there is only one hope, the life force of the mother dog is the only surviving baby.

Like mothers in this world, pain is always present, we just need to live on, at least for those left behind!

I hope that those who unfortunately lack a piece of love will still have the courage to continue living and live better and better. Only in this way can we repay the feelings and wishes of the person who left first!

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